Quinoa Omelette

Eggs are a staple in our household, mainly for breakfast but occasionally to make egg curry or masala egg fry too. As much as we love our vegetarian meals, we do eat eggs few times a week. So we have many egg recipes for breakfast and I’m pretty sure there are a dozen more which we can try.  As a food lover and as a food blogger, I always look for ways to reinvent old recipes – adding some newer  ingredients, trying some new spices – basically giving it a makeover. Although, not all old recipes need a makeover but sometimes you just want to incorporate a new ingredient  in your diet and the best way is to add it in smaller amounts in your favorite recipes.

One such makeover was done to our masala omelette to create a new recipe ‘Quinoa Omelette’.  I have a love- hate relationship with quinoa. I’m aware of all the benefits of this ancient grain and it’s nutritive value, and so I try to eat it as much as I can. But I find it to be very bland on its own. I can eat quinoa only if the whole dish is spicy and I don’t get to taste it much. Either the spices or other ingredients have to mask the flavor of quinoa for me.

There is no fixed recipe for any masala omelette . But here’s how I like to make mine.


Serves : 1

Level: Easy

Cuisine : Fusion Cooking



2 Eggs

2 Tbsps quinoa, cooked as per instructions ( equivalent to ¼ cup )

1 tbsp finely diced onion

1 tbsp finely chopped cilantro

2 tbsps finely chopped Kale ( equivalent to ¼ cup of Kale )

1 tsp grated ginger

1 small serrano pepper ( optional )

½ tsp salt and black pepper each ( adjust as per your taste)

A few slices of Avocado and Cucumber and cherry tomatoes for serving ( optional)




Beat the eggs in a medium bowl. Add quinoa, onion, cilantro,kale , ginger , serrano pepper, salt and pepper.



Mix all the ingredients well. On a cast iron skillet or non stick pan, cook your omelette on medium high and flipping after two minutes. Let the other side cook for two minutes , patting it frequently to release any uncooked batter to the sides and allowing it to cook. The omelette will be golden brown on both sides when done. Serve with avocado , cucumber and tomatoes.



Recipes  Notes

Feel free to add any other greens or veggies like Spinach,  Bell peppers , mushrooms , Zucchini etc. Try not to eliminate the ginger as it gives a nice spicy flavor to the omelette.

If you want to incorporate quinoa in your meals especially breakfast, this is a great way to start. For more such healthy and quick recipes. follow Polkadotsandcurry on Facebook and Instagram.

If you have any questions, please ask in the comments below.








  1. Wow, I love adding veggies into my omelette! I often load it up with onions, peppers and tomatoes, but have yet to add kale and quinoa. I might try this for breakfast this week!

  2. That looks looks such an awesome recipe. Thanks so much for sharing. Per your suggestion, I think that I would add spinach and mushrooms. That sounds so yummy to me!!!! Enjoy your blog!!!

  3. I love Quinoa but I’ve never thought using it as an ingredient for an omelet ! Omelet gets an additional nutritional bump with the addition of Quinoa 🙂 Thanks for sharing

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