Cooking Class

Mexican food is probably the only other cuisine (first being the Indian ) which I can have meal  after meal. The reason seems to be simple: It is as flavorful as Indian food . Ever since I moved to USA, I have been yearning  to cook authentic Mexican.
Just last week only I was  given an opportunity to learn more about Mexican food and culture first hand from a home style cook.  Priscila Cepeda, one of my IWC friends, was more than happy to give up the apron and share some of her tips & techniques  for Mexican cooking. She was very patient with all of us and a very good teacher.

I learned about traditional seasonings in Mexican food. Along with that I found some spices that are common to Indian cuisine  such as  cilantro, cumin, garlic & dried red chilies. And I was not surprised  by the way these were  used. It’s amazing to see  how same spices & similarity in their usage can yield different flavors!

So here’s the list of all the dishes we learnt  that morning:
·         Pinto Beans
·         Mexican Rice
·         Chili Relleno
·         Guacamole
·         Tomato Sauce
·         Hibiscus Tacos
·         Chili Nogada ( The only Non vegetarian dish, but I’ve a good replacement for meat here )

     Recipes coming soon .


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  2. That&#39;s a lot of Mexican dishes to learn in a day ! Hope you plan to post them on this blog soon..I am waiting for Chilli Relleno

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