Break Your Fast …Honey !!

 It’s no more a secret that eating healthy food has a direct connection with how you feel. Not only does that leave you well nourished & satiated but also takes you one step close to your personal well being.And if you are choosing wisely for the first meal of the day, you know the rest of the day will be equally vibrant.There is a way ( plenty of ways ) to make a nourishing breakfast for the family without sinking to the lowest common denominator ( cereals, breads & the likes ).
I’m sure you all have at least one favorite breakfast menu which you love to enjoy- be it on weekends, birthdays, anniversaries or any week day. Whatever you eat for breakfast it should get you moving, fill you with energy and taste great at the same time. With so many options around we can really treat ourselves to a healthy start for each single day. And if you are not sure of ‘eating’ breakfast, then look for the ‘liquid breakfast’ i.e. the smoothies & juices.
Now the question is why would you need my blog for this. All I want to say is that my recipes will help you when you :
  • are pressed for time;
  • want healthy options;
  • are looking for variety;
  • want your first meal of the day to be tasty;
  • are expecting some guests.
Whatever the reason may be, you will find some recipe which suits your needs.
So keep visiting !!


  1. Nice Breakfast…Totally Yummy..<br /><br />Aarthi<br />

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  3. M coming over to have this yummy breakfast..

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