Pooja Thaali – Significance And How To Make One At Home

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  As an Indian who enjoys all the traditions and culture which Indian festivities bring along , I must say there are a few essential things which every Indian household needs to perform all the rituals. Growing up , I remember how my mom would decorate the pooja thali (…

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Ethnic Mama -2 : Nine Yards of Love, Style And Tradition !!


My previous article Ethnic Mama-1 was liked by many of you. It was the most read article on my blog for the month of September ( as per my blog stats ). It’s all because of my beautiful readers like you who appreciated my efforts to present Indian culture before…

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Bohemian Vibes : Shades of Grey


  It’s no secret that a bohemian style is my most preferred style when it comes to fashion. This summer, I created a boho look using all the neutrals. So as you will see, I have not used any bright colors.  I enjoy wearing this outfit in between my ‘colorful…

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Travel Mama – 2 (Baby Travel List)

    Travelling with babies/toddlers  requires patience and some advanced planning. While I was compiling  Travel Mama – 1 ( packing list for the whole family),  I realized these youngest family members need a separate article to cover their essentials. After all, if they are happy during the vacation, everyone…

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Travel Mama- 1 (Family Packing List)


    Family vacations are either joyful or full of stress or maybe a bit of both. Making a vacation successful and memorable calls for some planning. What you pack and what you forget will effect your travel in a significant way. Here’s the checklist for your next road or air…

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Refelctions : March

  March has been a great month for us. We had great weather for most of the time, except for one snow storm at the end of month. We needed that moisture so bad that everyone was delighted to see the snowfall. We also got to celebrate an Indian festival…

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It’s My First Blogiversary !


  Polka Dots And Curry is one today. It’s been a year of regular blogging ( well almost ! ). I feel like a writer, though at the back of my mind I know I’m not even close to being called a writer ! This milestone would not have been…

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Custard Pot Pies With Vermicelli


          This recipe is a fusion of two popular Indian desserts – custard  ( vanilla pudding ), usually served chilled and sweetened vermicelli which is always relished hot . It may look like a long recipe but trust me it is ready in thirty  minutes. We…

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