Namaste ! So glad you are here. Welcome to Polka Dots And Curry where you will find healthy Indian recipes usually with a short list of ingredients. This blog is run by Monika. Cooking balanced and healthy meals is something she strives for every single day in her kitchen.  Monika loves cooking for her family and friends. This blog was born when she decided to compile all of her recipes at one place. 

The Brain Behind This Blog





 Monika has found her passion in cooking, developing new recipes and refining some old family recipes. Kitchen is her most favorite place to be when she is home. She enjoys experimenting with ingredients, mixing Indian spices with other cuisines and creating new recipes. She also has a thing for entertaining and food styling .

Monika grew up in India,  where she and her family always ate together ; the meals were simple yet wholesome, mostly vegetarian and always made from scratch by her mother. At a very young age she learnt the concept of balanced meals from her parents. Because of an early awareness about  food and nutrition, it’s only natural for her to go for healthier food choices.

Monika is inspired by her own mom and mom-in-law. According to her, these two women are the best cooks in the entire world.

She posts one new recipe a week –  a healthy,  easy to assemble recipe which you can create in your own kitchen too. Occasionally, she does talk about her  Indian culture through Indian fashion, festivities and of course food.


Some Random Facts About Monika

  • She makes good ‘Masala Chai’ but she is not a tea drinker herself.
  • She loves to entertain.
  • She is very good at directions. She won’t need a GPS a second time if  she has been to that place earlier.
  • She is happiest when she is walking.
  • She believe in optimism, me time, family time and GOD.
  • She can’t go in elevator alone – she is claustrophobic . She takes stairs and that’s even better.


The story behind the name of this blog



Polka dots is a versatile and forgiving print.  It can bring  spark to any mundane style. That’s how cooking is to Monika – creative and experimental.  The name Polka Dots blends in with her overall cooking philosophy : playful + creative +fun.


What will you find on Polka Dots And Curry

Recipes: Family recipes, kid friendly recipes, party foods and occasional indulgences.

Tips: Party Ideas/tips , how to entertain with ease and style ; how to make any simple dish look fancy.


Let’s Connect

Email: polkadotsandcurry@gmail.com





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