I don’t think I’m regular at crafting. You will see me crafting for some special events – birthdays, festivals and the likes. I believe we all do creative stuff all the time. It’s only the field and area of interest which differs but we all have creative instincts.



DIY Centerpieces – Last Christmas


I didn’t learn to craft or decorate. It’s something I picked up from here and there as and when needed. Though I’m an occassional crafts person, but when ever I do, I just enjoy the whole process. It allows me to spend some time in my own company and doing something which gives me great pleasure.

In this blog I will be sharing all my crafts created in the past and of course my new projects.

What did I make in all these years?

Cards, Bookmarks, paintings, murals, unique gift wraps, centerpieces are few of the things I have enjoyed creating.



DIY Kids Greeting  cards


See you around.

Rise and Shine !

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