Pooja Thaali – Significance And How To Make One At Home


As an Indian who enjoys all the traditions and culture which Indian festivities bring along , I must say there are a few essential things which every Indian household needs to perform all the rituals. Growing up , I remember how my mom would decorate the pooja thali ( tray) with fresh flowers, haldi (turmeric ), rice grains and kumkum ( vermillion). Now being  the lady of the house, I make sure we have one ready for all the rituals to be performed during navratis, karwachauth and Diwali.

Many people like to use silver/gold thali ( tray). These definitely add a different charm and royality to all the celebrations. However, I like to add a personal touch to all the festivities and try to make a new thali ( tray ) every few years.

Significance of a puja thali : Using a puja thali is one of the pathways to worship the divine in Hindu mythology. It is believed that the arrangement of all the components in a puja thali has spiritual significance.  Powders like haldi and kumkum, rice grains, beetel leaves,grass, saffron threads, flowers, fragrant oils and agarbattis are all placed in a manner which balances the cosmic elements that are active in universe.



A complete puja thali with all the necessary components.



Here I’m sharing the thali I created for Diwali and KC puja from last year.

When I spotted these round trays in two different colors ( magenta and aqua blue ) at Hobby Lobby,  I exactly knew the plan !! I forgot to take before pictures of the blue tray which I actually decorated, but you can get the idea here.









Printed duct tape, sequins and glue


Materials Needed

One round tray or pooja thaali ( can be any round/ rectangle shape tray) which you want to decorate

Different sized sequins- from any craft store

Floral stickers

Any broad , printed duct tape

Washi Tape to decorate the tea lights

Total time: 45 minutes



Make the pattern on the inside of thali ( tray)with sequins.

Using the broad tape, cut and paste on the outer edges of the thali/tray.









Use some glittery , washi tape to decorate tea lights





1911724_10153241776929196_3843477437628805028_n (1)

The final look. This thali can be used for different puja ceremonies , and the components can be changed as per the festival.


There is no single way of decorating this thali / tray.

So go ahead , use your own creativity and come up with your own design.

This article is a part of the Ethnic Series I’m doing on my blog. Do read Ethnic Mama 1 and Ethnic Mama 2 to know more about Indian culture.

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Rise and Shine !!





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