Travel Mama- 1 (Family Packing List)



Family vacations are either joyful or full of stress or maybe a bit of both.

Making a vacation successful and memorable calls for some planning. What you pack and what you forget will effect your travel in a significant way.

Here’s the checklist for your next road or air travel.

I have traveled with my babies when they were as young as 4 months ( road trips and India trips ). Whatever was there in my travel diaries, I’m sharing here with few additions which we don’t take along but you may want to ( Laptops, DVD’s etc) .


Family List


First aid kit – Band aids, Antiseptic cream, Gauze pads



Keep it handy !


Medications –  Cough, cold, fever, Vicks Rub, Cough drops, Diarrhea, allergies, ointments, thermometer

Prescription drugs ( If any )

Hand sanitizer



A good hand sanitizer will be one of the most frequently used item during your vacation.



Shaving Kit ( For Him)

Make up bag ( For Her)

Contacts/Glasses + Contact Lens Solution

Wet Wipes



If you don’t like hand sanitizer, try these wipes.


Sunglasses, hats, sunscreen

Footwear – Indoor slippers, Sneakers/ walking shoes, Fancy shoes ( weather dependent)

Clothing- weather appropriate, light jackets/ cardigans. You should also check the local weather of your destination a day before you travel and make sure your clothing is weather appropriate.

Duct tape – Baggage repairs and baby proofing hotel rooms.

Zip lock Bags ( all sizes )

Ear buds


Mouth Freshner




Toys – sand toys, favorite stuff toys ( For kids ), legos

Puzzles, Crosswords, Sudoku

Bubbles, Inflatable Ball

Books , E-books, DVD’s, Magazines

Travel Journals – good activity for grown up children

Drawing books, crayons




Toothbrush, toothpaste, floss

Chapstick, Deo, Q Tips

Nail cutter, Small scissors ( Not allowed in carry on bags if flying)

Travel size- Shampoo, Conditioner, Body wash, Body Lotion

Towels ( ?? )


Food / Snacks


Drinks – water, juice, coffee ( Bottled ones )





Pedialyte Powder packs – can be used by anyone after a long day or on a hot day.

Finger foods- snack bars, fresh and dried fruits, cheese sticks, chips,trail mix, whole grain crackers, nuts, popcorn


Cooler for car snacks

Cutlery – glasses, plates, forks or spoons ( road trip)

Tissue paper

Plastic bags to collect trash ( inside the car )


Electronics / Battery 


Cell phones + Chargers

Digital Camera + Case + Charger + Memory Cards

Flash Light

Reading light

A power strip – all the electronics can be charged together

Road trip playlist – believe me it’s worth the effort.




DVD’s ( In case kids watch TV during travel)

Audio books ( borrow from local library)

Video Games





Print outs for the road directions ( just in case the signal is lost )

Hotel confirmation

Rental car information + your own car insurance

Wallet, license, debit card, cash, insurance information

Scan all your important documents ( Passports, Visa, Driver’s License etc.) and email all to yourself.


Ladies Only


Nail polish to cover up any chips, Nail filer

Travel size nail paint removing pads.




Jewelery ( minimal – try to mix and match )

Make up ( minimal in my case)

Make up removing wipes





Clothing + accessories (swimsuit depending on season)

Comfortable shoes (at least two pairs)

Deodorant/Body Spray/ Body Mist

Lip balm( Most Important in my list)

Hair products / accessories – Combs/ Hair brush, Hair ties, Gel, Sprays, Blow Dryer, Straightener

Razors, Tweezers

Wet wipes




Sanitary napkins

A good book

Blanket, Pillow

Travel Sewing kit





Stain to go pen


Is there anything else you think we should add to our packing list?

Please share in the comments below.


I also did Travel Mama 2 – the packing list for babies / toddlers

Travel Mama 3  -a  travel look book for ladies. 

Travel Mama 4, Air travel wardrobe essentials.


Have a great vacation !!


  1. Great information! I should probably take a print of this and use it as checklist for my packing. I always miss one or the other thing during my travels 😉

    Nisha |

  2. Great list! I never know what snacks and amenities to bring with me on a trip!

  3. Thanks for sharing this list! I’m actually getting on the road for the weekend in just a couple of hours and I’ll be stealing some tips from this.

  4. great list! i always keep a first aid kit when i travel with my daughter!

  5. Great list shared! I never forget to carry my sun-glass, lip-gloss and sun scream for any trip!

  6. I like this list! We haven’t traveled yet, however I’m from Denver and we will be planning our first trip soon with a toddler >_<

  7. Wow super love these tips. Definitely going to bring these all when I travel next month.

  8. Great list! When we were traveling as a family with two small girls in diapers we ended up having a layover that then turned into our next flight being delayed for hours. Fortunately I had enough stuff in our carry-ons for my girls to keep them dry, fed and entertained as well as several others who did not. My hubby never made fun of what he use to call my “overpacking.”

  9. I truly despise packing and cannot even imagine packing for an entire family! Kudos to you girl!

    -Courtney from

  10. Nice tips! 🙂 Love trips.

  11. Great list, and I’m glad you made sure to mention snacks, SO important when travelling with kids! One thing I always make sure to bring are small portable battery packs. Great for if the camera or electronics run dry when you are out and about.

  12. Haha great points. As a mum of 5 years old boy, I know exactly what you mean. Nice post… Thanks for sharing!

  13. Where ever I go, lip balm is my most important item on the packing list too! I always end up losing it somewhere so I stash one extra here and there

  14. Ooooh really helpful! I totally agree with all the mentions of snacks! 😀

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