Refelctions : March


March has been a great month for us. We had great weather for most of the time, except for one snow storm at the end of month. We needed that moisture so bad that everyone was delighted to see the snowfall. We also got to celebrate an Indian festival followed by a fun spring break and of course my first blogiversary.




It’s been a fruitful and happy month for me. Why happy ?   I got to do things which I have always enjoyed – two dance performances ( Indian folk dances) , lots of painting and hiking.  I’m just an average painter, with no training at all. It’s on my wish list to join a painting class in future.


Lately, I’ve been :

Cooking – a lot of  junk food – burgers, pizzas, pastas. All home made though.

Drinking – all kinds of herbal teas,  just to up my water intake.

Dreaming – a lot about India. Too bad we are not going there anytime soon 🙁

Trying – to be regular at yoga.

Painting – Frequently.

Hiking / nature walks – as and when the weather permits.

Pampering myself : Regularly. Bubble baths, mani-pedi,  massages – I need / deserve all of that. And I make time for those. No excuses !

Feeling – Grateful to God.


How was your March ?

I’m hoping that April will be as good as March. And we will get more sunshine in the coming days.

Cheers to Spring !




  1. wonderful reflections you have out there i say… good one and truely you had a great month of MARCH..

  2. Such great inspiration to be more mindful!!! thank you! Robin from THE INSPIRED (

  3. You did a lot of nice nice things! March is a great month for me as well.. I think I’ll jot down a list like you in future.. What a great idea!

  4. So glad that you’ve had a great March. It was pretty epic for me too as I turned 30!! 🙂

  5. Yeh it’s spring now.My grand daughter Sehar said. Madam says its spring but it is still winters.She is so right as we are daily enjoying snow.

  6. You have had a great march, managed to make it very productive and gets lots in. We have had a very up and down march this year but things are looking up for us fingers crossed

  7. Hi Monika!

    I love the quote. Lately I was so much worrying about the productivity or seeing results that I was burning myself out. I want to take a step back and probably target everything in your list 😀

    Richa |

  8. Sounds like a great month! Good thing you make time for pampering yourself! Can never have enough of that 🙂 plus it helps with relaxation and a better mood.

  9. Nice list.. March is over now.. and April is our months!!! Enjoy April ya~~~ Happy!

  10. My March was okay, been working a ton and didn’t get much blogging done which I plan to change for April!
    Happy Blog Anniversary!

  11. It sounds like you had a fabulous month. Congratulations on your blog anniversary.

  12. It is always good to be grateful and happy and it seems like you have achieved both

  13. April is my fave month of the year, so I share your joy at April!!! stay inspired, Robin from THE INSPIRED (

  14. I love your list! I’ve been trying to drink more tea over coffee and get in more yoga classes but have running a lot more lately instead. At least it’s exercise!

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