Playing With Polka Dots


Polka dots are feminine, classy and these rarely go out of style. The best part  is they can look great on anyone if nicely done.  This fun pattern can transform an otherwise solid colored piece into a playful look.

February weather has been great for us this year. This outfit was inspired by lots of sunshine around and in anticipation of spring season and I thought it just gave the  right vibes for the spring season at the tail end of winters.




It was warm but not that warm to wear cotton skirts. My chocolate skirt has the following stats :  Pleated in the front, mix of corduroy and satin taffeta, long and A-line, somewhat flared. And it’s a gift from a dear friend from Lithuania. Corduroy is a durable fabric. Its rich and perfect for any fall/winter look. As spring is just around the corner, I did not want to create a typical winter look with this skirt. Hence came the idea of using Polka dots in nice pink color to make it right for the transition period.




The pink linen shirt with white dots gave a good contrast to the rich colored skirt.


Accessories :  Polka dots is a bold pattern. You need to balance it out to keep it classy.

You may be tempted to wear lots of girly accessories with this playful print. However, you should not unless you aspire to look like Minnie ( read ridiculous ).

I tried a broad belt with this but it made the whole look so busy.  So I just added hints of turquoise blue with couple of accessories.







Before I close , here are a few tips to wear dots with panache :

  • Wear smaller dots if not comfortable with big prints.
  • Keep makeup minimal
  • No elaborate hair dos.
  • If you are not comfortable with this print and still want to give it a try, a free flowing blouse is one of the safe ways to wear polka dots . Look for great fabric and small to medium sized dots.
  • If wearing large dots, then keep everything else to a small scale and that includes your accessories.
  • Less is more. Polka dots are a bold print. Hence we need to keep everything else minimal so that they remain classy. Don’t try to satisfy too many trends with this print or you will end up looking ridiculous !

Trends you may want to try:

Polka dots and stripes. You have to see the scale of both prints and then go from there. I have opted for a striped hand bag as you can see. 

Mix small and large dots. If you are top heavy, stay away from big and bold dots on the shirts for obvious reasons.




My first date with my husband and polka dots :))

Polka dots always make me smile.  Nine years ago I wore my pink polka dots shirt with the best denims I had and went to meet this guy who I married two weeks later. I picked up polka dots for my first date with my husband because this print has always given me happy vibes. I don’t have any picture from that day but the memories are still fresh and that’s what really matters in the end.

How do you play with this print?  Do you have any favorite memory about this print?

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Have a beautiful weekend ahead !



  1. Polka dots are such a cute fashion trend. I love them!

  2. Polka dots used to be my thing when I was younger and I would rock them with big hair dos…Now I kinda stray towards Lines and all. I love that skirt and your nails too

  3. Polka dots are such a timeless print. I really like you styled your dotted shirt.

  4. Aww I love the end bit abt ur first date with your hubby so cute! Love the outfit and the colors. Agreed with your tips since polka dots can get overwhelming one must start with either one part of an outfit with polka dots or accessories
    Super like miss

  5. I love polka dots and have many cute polka dresses in my closet. But I love the color of your shirt and it enhances the look of your entire outfit.

  6. I love polka dots, and stripes! The blue looks great with the pink 🙂

  7. It’s always nice to read your articles .something or the other fresh I always get to add my routine.even I too love these prints But wasn’t aware how to use these up for styling. thanx for sharing !!!!

  8. I looooooove polka dots, when i got my first apartment a friend pointed out that almost every pattern in my home had polka dots on them. They varied from size color and style, of course. Lovely post and loved the color contrast <3 🙂

  9. I like the polka dots and it brings out the outfit to the forefront. Not sure I would have taken a striped bag with the dots, but nonetheless great outfit

  10. nice color combo!! enjoyed reading your post.. can’t wait to try this kind of an outfit.. 🙂

  11. I love this outfit! The pink color against the brown is amazing. And I adore the accessories as well!

  12. Polka dots are in since I was a child.I am polka dots fan since you met Sumit.

  13. Nice contrast between the colors~! I like wearing something darker in color, but yeah, in polka dots. x3

  14. Polka dots definitely make me happy. I do have trouble myself wearing them but i know that’s just ridiculous. Anyone can wear anything.

  15. wow, you actually wore polka dots on your first date with your husband, now thats even more memorable and awesome than one can wish for… nice post and also your outfit is lovely too…

    greetings from leXHansplaCE

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