Valentines Hike

Last weekend we took advantage of warmer temperatures and planned a family hike to ‘celebrate’ Valentines Day. Though we are not big fans of Vday, but it was a long weekend too. And we usually plan a few family activities during long weekends. So this hike covered both the occasions. Moreover  dining  out at fancy restaurants on Vday itself is something we never do as  all the good restaurants are overly packed with much longer waiting times. I would rather create a fancy meal at home instead  !!  I did that too. My cooking expeditions from that weekend on another blog soon.






We picked up “ Palmer Trail’ around the Garden Of The Gods park for our hike. The reason we picked up this trail was because I have hiked that one earlier and so I knew the trail is kid friendly. Besides, it has many exit points and with kids we needed that kind of flexibility.




We hiked for about  80 minutes  on the trail and then took one of the exits and hiked for another 20 minutes within the GOG park to reach the car parking. The complete loop is much longer but kids got tired. The trail was quite muddy and parts of it was still covered in snow.  It was quite an adventurous hike as we hiked on wet mud and the snow which were quite messy and slippery most of the time.  Luckily none of us fell which BTW was my biggest concern.  There were quite a few viewpoints along the trail. We got to see many beautiful views of the Garden Of The Gods park while hiking.



Isn’t this beautiful ?





In case you are also planning to celebrate your special days hiking with friends/ family,  here are few helpful pointers:


  • Watch the weather of the trail you want to hike.
  • Get a map of the trail. This is important if you are new to hiking or to that particular trail.
  • Know your capabilities and pick up a trail which you or your family can hike without any major discomfort. It’s quite normal to get sore muscles after hiking . Remember more than exercising , you want to make good memories with your friends/family.
  • Pick a trail which is not too far especially in case you are planning a day hike with kids.
  • Educate yourself about wildlife. It’s quite common to encounter a mountain bear/lion ( In Colorado ).
  • Pack the essentials – water, snack, fruit/ energy drinks ( if you like), bandaid , chapstick , extra scrunchies , pepper spray – just in case.
  • Don’t litter the trail. Or I shall say leave no trace behind !
  • Take pictures when you can but don’t block the trail for other hikers. Usually there are nice viewpoints alongside the trail.


Hiking on our special days is a very recent tradition I started on my birthday last year. Read more about my birthday hike here. I think it’s one of the better activities to do as a family. Not only we get our endorphins going, we also create some good memories along the hiking  trail. And we are so close to nature which is always a boost for our mental and physical well being.


Have you ever hiked on your birthday/anniversary or other special occasion ? Would love to hear from you.

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Have a great week ahead !




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  2. Stunning views and true valentine’s should be about enjoying what you both love
    I’m sure you had a great time loving the clicks

  3. What a lovely Valentine’s 🙂 We had a freezing cold front this weekend and tons of rain, some ice, and snow- so no warm hiking weather for us! Can’t wait until spring to get back to hiking. Beautiful pictures.

  4. I have never gone proper hiking before but oh my what a gorgeous view!

  5. what an exciting & extraordinary valentine you had! Great!

  6. We love hiking! Great idea. You also get a lovely images and memories from it 🙂

  7. Good tips. I like the idea of a valentine hike.

  8. Your pictures are gorgeous! I’ve been on a few hikes and love being out in nature and the changing landscape. It’s great exercise too!

  9. I also love hiking, even though my legs hurt, the view is worth it. Amazing pictures and very useful tips 🙂 Great post!

  10. Hiking for Valentine’s Day sounds way better than going to some packed restaurant and over-paying for food! Great idea!

  11. Love this – and jealous! We got snowed in on Valentine’s, but still enjoyed good food and wine. However, a hike would have been better exercise!

  12. Great way to spend a special day!

  13. I love hiking! And your pictures are stunning! Just a general hiking tip, if you happen to be going for a long hike, bring a life straw. It is a lot cheaper in the long run than multiple filters.

  14. This looks like a wonderful time! So glad you were able to enjoy the outdoors for the long weekend!

  15. What a great way to make some family memories/traditions as well as to get the kids out and involved in activities!

  16. Great suggestions! In particular to have a map – and know how to read it. If you are somehow beyond trail markers, you should know how to read the squiggly lines on the map.

  17. Yes! Great tips. I love to hike! Start with a nice easy trail and work up to the challenging summits. What an excellent suggestion for Valentine’s day (that is exactly what I did – great minds think alike).

  18. Great points described.. I usually dont consider these things you mentioned above.

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