Valentine’s Day Outfit Idea : Denim Diva


I’m not much of a Valentine’s day person. Read more  here about my thoughts on this holiday. But I do get invites for Vday party and get to wear some reds and blacks 😉

Whether you like to celebrate this day or not ( like me ), I’m sure you are going out for at least one Valentine party. Even if you are not invited anywhere, I would say go out and have a coffee date just with yourself !!




Today I’m sharing a simple outfit which is also probably one of the easiest to assemble. Simple doesn’t mean boring. No way. I don’t do boring in my life 😉  I wore the same outfit to another valentines party which was actually a tea party. Read on to see how with little changes I wore the same outfit .


Why I picked up this outfit?

Because the dress code was red and non formals.I think red is highly overrated color for Vday but at the same time it’s ok to wear it at least in one of the Valentine parties. 


The Dinner Date Look :




Last weekend, I went out for our  ‘Galentines Dinner’ with my gal pals. Since the venue was an informal restaurant, I had to be careful in picking up my outfit. The dress code was red but then I was not in any mood to go out in a solid red outfit. Hence popped the idea of dressing up my skinny jeans. I couldn’t think of anything more stylish than a pair of cropped skinny jeans with some fun accessories and great shoes.




The Day Time Look :




This party was in the morning hours of the day. The black and white blazer came quite handy and toned down the entire look. I was excited to wear the same outfit with a twist. If I like any outfit I love to repeat it and why not ?




Which is better look ? You decide.  You can always create your own look with some alterations here and there. Wear different jewelry, or take a different bag, change your footwear, different hairstyle or makeup – the possibilities are endless. Plain white shirt underneath the blazer is another classic combination.

The good news about this outfit is that you can wear it for other events too, not just valentines day.


If you have noticed, I’m wearing an ankle skinny jeans in first look and I rolled up my regular skinny jeans in the second look to give it a cropped look. There are so many variations you can do with this look.




What I love about dressing up a pair of well fitting jeans:


Any good pair of denims can up your glam factor.

They are comfortable yet stylish.

You can accessorize them with little pops of color.

Keep things casual while dressing you up.

Gives a subdued yet polished look .

Jeans are a perfect way to get more fashion mileage especially when paired with feminine / glitzy tops.


Few styling tips to create a chic denim look.


Pay attention to the theme and be creative.

The key is to wear jeans that are well fitted, hug your rear just the right way and preferably in a dark wash.

The aim is to look stylish, fun and still beautiful but very appropriate for your party.


What I wore:

Cropped Skinny Jeans : Old Navy

Red Halter Bow Tie Top: Express

Pumps : Nine West ( Both pairs)

Houndstooth Plaid Blazer : Target


If you are thinking of going with an informal look  this Valentines , I hope the above looks inspired you in some way.

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  1. Love the looks. I like the dinner date look the best. And the shoes are the cutest😄

  2. This looks gorgeous, the colours suit you so much and you have carried it so well.

    Fatima |

  3. I love this especially since I have like no style at all! Great tips on the jeans and rather the whole outfit it’s really chic

  4. What a cute and elegant outfit!! Love it 🙂

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  8. A great versatile outfit, I really love the red top it is gorgeous xx

  9. wonderful outfit you have here monika…. happy vals dearie and do have loads of fun and love this season…

  10. Fashion isn’t my strong point. Loved your outfits and wish I would have the incredible gift of making things come together so nicely as you have!

  11. I loved the outfits!
    Thank you for sharing 🙂

  12. Great look, so simple yet effective. Love the shoes 🙂

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  14. ThE dinner date look passes with flying colours.

  15. I pick the dinner date look! 🙂

  16. Beautiful outfits. I’m not much of a Valentine’s Day person my self, but I would like some of that outfits for other days too! hehe

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  18. A model in demand.luv you.whatever you wear becomes stylish.

  19. Very chic and classy. In love with your blazer. I too hv a codrouy blazer in brownish greyish color, need help from u how to pair that up. Will send u the pic soon.
    Keep the lovely posts coming 👍

  20. some beautiful outfits, I find some jeans make me look so much bigger sometimes though.

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