Valentine’s Day Ideas

 Life is a celebration and who needs special days to celebrate special people in our lives ( including our own selves) ?? Small gifts even when there is no occasion, surprise dinner outings once in a while serve to cement a relationship more than a lavish once in a year treat. It’s the little acts that demonstrates love, respect & understanding towards each other every day. A strong relationship celebrates ‘Valentine’s day almost everyday’.
The real meaning of this day – expression of love – is sidelined by the cult of consumerism, all thanks to the manufacturers. As a result cards,chocolates,cakes,clothes & other gifts ( read expensive ! ) take priority.

Valentines day is special for me but it’s really not a BIG DEAL. Now don’t get me wrong here. We do like nice dinners, surprise treats and spending time together , just that we don’t get trapped into the hype of this day.



When all is said and done, there will be thousands of cupid stuck couples who would go to a great length to prove/show their love. If you don’t want to follow the crowd (which, by the way, I rarely do in such matters!) , here are some good old fashioned activities for the family fun & bonding. You can do these with your partner, kids , friends or just by yourself :
  • Cozy up on a couch & watch your favorite movie or T.V. show .
  • Pack up your favorite snacks & go for a picnic.
  • Cook up a meal together.
  • Throw a Valentine party for your friends or just your family.
  • Do a craft – make small hearts from card board paper & decorate your house using them or make valentine cards. Trust me it’s lot of fun.
  • Touch lives – help someone in need & spread joy.
  • Pamper yourself – manicure, pedicure, massage ( hair or body or both ).
  • Go for a hike.


Whatever you decide to do, it should be an enjoyable moment for you & your loved ones; a break from your fast paced lives. If you are a single then don’t feel discouraged. Love yourself, know that you deserve to be happy and just have fun in your own company. You don’t need anyone to enjoy most of the above mentioned activities.


And as they say ‘Good Food Maketh  A Great Occasion’, I’ll definitely cook something special for my family. I do that at least once every week. To me any celebration is incomplete without a home cooked, heart meal. To kick start the Valentine week I made Gajar Halwa ( Carrot Pudding ) yesterday which is a popular Indian dessert during winters.


How will you celebrate your V’day ? Would love to hear from you.

Here are few of our family favorite recipes for Valentine’s day :

Whole Wheat Scones

Grilled Sandwiches

Easy Sandwiches

Chai Latte

Quinoa Stuffed Peppers

Veggie Dumplings


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  2. Just a thought. Wouldn’t it be nice not to do anything during Valentine’s Day? Just take a break after spending each day of the whole year as if its Valentine’s Day. πŸ™‚

  3. We did some crafts today with saachi and her friends and they had a wonderful did we…!! the halwa looks delicious..

  4. I am all for not giving or receiving expensive gifts. Works for me ;)!

  5. How fun! I always get showered with flowers, cards and other goodies on that day, so I tend to reciprocate by celebrating V-Day and get caught in the consumerism side of it. We usually do plan to eat out one day during that week but generally avoid doing that on V-Day as it's always crowded. I usually plan a special dinner meal on V-day.

    • Tangy, I do get flowers & cards but I try to reciprocate with food & hand made crafts…somehow I'm lazy to go out & buy gifts… & we also go out for a meal together but avoid going out on 14th for the same reason πŸ™‚ But this much consumerism is ok ;))

    • Nice ideas to think about. I will do that next V-day, it sounds like a lot of fun.

  6. I do totally agree, being together nd enjoying with the family is always more fun rather the any costly gifts and being materialistic πŸ™‚ Me n my son enjoyed preparing V-day cards for his school friends as well. But I like to whip up something special for my little one's which brings a wide smile on their cute face and I try to limit these special's just occasionally.

  7. Nice ideas. Happy to follow u.

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