2015 – Year End Reflection


Every year I spend the last week of December reflecting on my past year. This practice makes me appreciate the power of a year and the impact one full year can have on our daily lives. This is the time when I try to have a mental review of all the learning I’ve made in last months. I like this annual tradition I have with myself as it allows me to go back month by month and remember everything that has happened around / with me.




Isn’t it good to know how you spent your time and  with whom, what mistakes you committed and the lessons learnt. I don’t know about you but yes to me all of that is so important. These questions  help me realize how I’ve changed over the past year. And all I can say is that I’ve become a different person than what I was exactly a year ago – one change at a time.

Talking about reflections, I also started a monthly blog series ‘Reflections’ where I reflect on the month which has passed by. This article is live on blog on the last day of each month. Do check blog archives in case you are interested in my monthly reflections. I intend to continue with my monthly reflections in 2016 too.

The major highlights of 2015 have been:

A miracle  happened: My friend’s  daughter was diagnosed with Cancer just after a week we celebrated her 1st birthday. This happened in February. After many rounds of chemotherapy spread across six months, God answered our prayers. Riva is finally  cancer free. And we continue to pray for her good health in future. Thankful to God for being with her and her family during those hard times.

Colorado Springs : Our beautiful town of Colorado Springs made international news this year for  the mass shootings in October and November. 2015 will conclude with sad rememberances of those two horrifying events. And earlier this year in May, massive floods engulfed most of the roads and thousands of houses ( including ours) in our city. An experience we would never want to go through again.

Launching my new website i.e Polka Dots And Curry. A dream come true. Not only I launched my new blog but I tried to blog regularly. After nine months of active blogging I know what I want to write here and how frequently I need to do that.

Grabbed a few assignments for content writing and got paid too !

Travel which included a major road trip ( Colorado Springs to Yellowstone) and India trip. Both trips were tiring but so worth our time and efforts.

My health issues -Not very major but they did impact my daily routine but I’m grateful to God for there was a treatment for everything I went through.

Personal development , which I believe is a life long process and I’m so behind. Throughout this year I have been trying to show more patience with my kids. I had some great weeks and then really bad moments.This is still on my to-develop-a-new-habit-list. I stopped multitasking in the beginning of 2015 and now I can say that I’m one of those who try to do one thing at a time with all my focus on that one job in hand. This was one of the habits I wanted to develop in the year 2015. And I succeeded. Cheers to that!

Fasting – I tried shopping fast and technology fast which I thought were one the best things I did in 2015.

Trying my hands on Instagram – I have made new blogger friends and I like it but it’s time consuming. Wish I had more time for social media !!

The best thing is people are still reading my blog. So guess what I will be busy doing in the next year too ?


Here are top 10 articles in 2015 from my blog :

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There is one blog ‘My Weight Loss Story’ , which is always the most read article every month. Since it’s from 2014 from my previous blog I don’t count it in top ten of 2015.

Do you have any year end tradition you enjoy with your own self ?  If yes, do share in the comments below. If your answer is no then may be you can start this one – Year End Review.  Can there be a better way to say goodbye to all you have gone through ?

Before I wrap up, I would like to say a BIG  Thank You to all of you who have supported me in my blogging journey in every possible way – my readers, followers, family and friends !




May this new year be full of laughter and good health.

May you have loads of  fashionable moments !!

Have a great 2016.


  1. I did something like this in my mind in December as well as setting a bunch of goals for 2016! Hope this year is great for you 🙂

  2. Great post, wishing you even more memorable events in 2016!

  3. my joy is the fact that we all made it into 2016, hopefully this year will be great for us all… your health issue, quickest recovery to full standard health i pray for u..

  4. Hi Monika thanks providing me some grounding and inspiring thoughts. What a great practice and one I’m going to embrace and share with my family. Thanks, Lynn

  5. How great is it NOT to multitask? I’ve also stopped doing it and it’s so great to be able to focus on one thing only! 🙂

  6. how exciting that the little baby is now cancer free! and wow a shopping and technology fast i don’t know if i could survive either one of those 🙂

  7. Great article, great tradition.

  8. Happy new year! I have reflected on my year many times over in 2015 as I have never been through so much change in such a short space of time 🙂

  9. I should take some time to reflect on my year too. I am glad you were gifted a miracle this year, that is very special. For this year, I know I am also hoping for a miracle. My sister has leukemia, and she will soon start preparing for a bone marrow trasplant. If it goes well, she’ll be rid of the disease at last. Praying! Happy New Year Monika!

    • We will keep your sister in our prayers. Hope all goes well with her transplant and she feels better soon. Thanks for your wishes!

  10. Such a great idea to reflect back on the past year… happy new years!

  11. Such a nice post, have a great year ahead. 🙂

  12. Very well said. Thank you for sharing your reflection. I should also really try that “to-develop-a-new-habit-list” – sounds helpful. Happy 2016, cheers! 🙂

  13. Sorry to hear about your health issues I hope they are resolved now? I like the sound of honey gobi will be checking that out and here is hoping that next year is even more prosperous for you!

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