Nature Inspired Festive Centerpieces


It’s so much fun to be outdoors – so very fresh and pretty. Although with freezing temperatures these days here in Colorado, going out is not something I look forward to. But even when it’s snowing outside, I try to take out some time and sit besides my window to enjoy the white carpet everywhere around. That’s the best time to pause and introspect and also be grateful for all the countless blessings I have in my life. There is something magical to the pristine clean snow –  awe-inspiring and soothing always. Whether it’s the first snow of the season or the last , the snowflakes have the power to take you to some other world – at least for few minutes !!  Of course after that I have to worry a little bit about the driving conditions if I must go out. And let me tell you – that fear of driving on snow / ice is also the same no matter if it’s the first time or last snow of the season.



Winter Wonderland


I have always admired nature’s  beauty and the calming effect it has on our minds. How about you ? If you are also a nature lover then I’m sure you also enjoy rustic themes and decor . Surprisingly, it’s not very expensive to decorate your own home with a rustic charm. All you need is some creativity and time to create some easy DIY crafts and decor items.

Today, I’ve two craft ideas which are totally inspired by outdoors . Since it’s holiday season, I have used red, green and silver a lot in these crafts. But you can use any color which can go well during other times of year too.

So let’s try some nature inspired crafts and bring outdoors to your indoors .

Last Christmas, I tried making centerpieces out of wooden logs which were once a part of a huge tree in our backyard.




For the logs above, I used a broad green burlap lace, a red burlap lace and some adhesive snow flakes. Using strong glue, paste all of them in that order( see the picture ) and let it dry. And you have one of its kind centerpiece ready in minutes.





And just last weekend, I tried another craft with the same theme – Bringing Outdoors Indoors. This time it was with pine cones.  It snowed quite a bit here on weekend and so it also turned out to be a great snow day craft. All of us tried our hands on painting the cones. You can’t go wrong with this craft. Paint it anyway you want. And if  you mess up, it’s still ok. Pine cones are free of cost ( well atleast here ). So pick another one and start all over again. You can find them in plenty while you are hiking or on sidewalks in your neighborhood. This is quite a common site here in Colorado.






Things needed: Craft paint and brush or spray paint – any colors. I tried many colors. I thought the glitter colors gave best effect if you want to use them during holiday season especially glittery red , green, silver and gold. I also used glitter glue in green .



Acrylic colors in different shades.



That green bottle on left is glitter glue. It also has glitter confetti


Tip : If you don’t have any particular color, try your vanity box. Yes. You heard it right. Nail paints are another way to paint the pine cones. I got this idea while painting my first pine cone. While I was painting the scale tips of pine cones, I thought of a French manicure. And the idea struck. Why not use nail paint itself ??? It worked so well because I actually didn’t have silver and gold paint bottles. And my nail paints came handy.







Pick the best cones to paint Get all the supplies together and start painting. You can paint whatever way you want to. There is no right or wrong way to do this.



This one has just glitter glue on tips of each scale.



The green cone has golden paint on tips.








You can buy all the above craft supplies from any craft store.

Once ready, you can use these pine cones in so many different ways. Spread them on your dining table or nightstand for a unique centerpiece . If you want you can also tie a thread and paste some embellishments and hang these as ornaments on christmas tree.



Using foam sheets, cut out feet and face and then paste those on pine cones. Googly eyes can be bought from any craft store and then pasted on the face. You can also draw the eyes with a black marker in case you don’t have googly eyes.Use a ribbon to hang these on Christmas tree.


I think painting pine cones is a fun craft. Still not convinced?  Here’s why you should try it:

  • It’s a very good craft for a snow day or any other day.
  • Good practice for kids to improve on their painting skills.
  • It also improves their concentration.
  • It’s easy on your pockets – pines cones are free in Colorado !!
  • If you are learning nail art ( like me) , pine cones are a good way to practice. The scales look more or less like human nails and similar in shape too. So practice your nail art on them before you try it on your nails.
  • There is no right or wrong way of painting them.


With some thought and creativity, you too can create a rustic look inside of your home.


Did you like the idea of bringing outdoors to your indoors?

Have you ever tried any nature inspired craft?

Let me know in the comments below.

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Happy crafting !!





  1. I have a lot of pine cones all over my back yard. Thank you for the ideas! I love that you took the pictures in the snow, you must be freezing!!

  2. I love the log centerpieces! I just got one of those tree stump platters and I’m obsessed!

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  4. These are right up my wife’s interests.. very creative.. she’ll love this post! Keep it up! 🙂

  5. I would never have thought to use nail polish to paint pine cones, but they look so cute! And I definitely have a ton of nail polishes I could use! Need to make these!

  6. These are so cute! And I’m the same way about driving in that weather. I’m from the south and for two winters we lived in Maine. No thank you! It’s so pretty, but I do NOT want to drive in that!

  7. These are so cute and creative! Wish I was artistic.

  8. Great ideas thanks for sharing
    Have a nice day

  9. Love this, so creative! Not many pine cones in Asia but I might see if we can do something similar with a coconut or palm leaf. Thanks for the inspiration.

  10. Wow! Great idea – cost effective and so pretty too 🙂


  11. You are so creative Monika.Around Glorys place there are. lot of pine trees.Pine cones littering here and there.Even they are soooo refreshing to eyes.when decorated and painted,will definitely look awesome.

  12. I liked this post, very creative
    -Cait xx

  13. Clever idea; I’d love to try these with my kids

  14. Love the nail polish idea! Those log centerpieces, super cute!

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  16. I love the logs! They are too cute and festive!

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