Ethnic Mama – 4 : Outfit Ideas For The Festive Season

By all means I’m thoroughly enjoying the Indian festive season which kick started three weeks ago. And I’m glad I started my own Ethnic Series to have a mini celebration here on my blog itself. The blogs under Ethnic Series are so well received and appreciated by my readers and all of this makes me feel accomplished. The sole purpose of starting this series was to share Indian culture with my international readers. Thanks to each one of you who read the culturally inspired blogs and shared their valuable thoughts and feedback.

Talking about Indian culture, last weekend, we got to celebrate Karwachauth, one of the most anticipated festival for married women in North India.



KC 2015 in Colorado Springs, CO


Karwachauth 2015 in Atlanta, GA



It’s so amazing to see how all the ladies dress up in their finest attires and despite their hectic work schedules they all  take out time to perform the elaborate rituals that are called for on that special day. And all this while they are fasting for good 15 hours ( or more sometimes). And they all start their day before sunrise on Karwachauth !

This article was conceived while I was looking through my previous year’s Karwachauth pictures in August. All the beautiful ladies and their Indian dresses inspired me to write about some outfit ideas for Indian festival season. You may think  this is a bit late but we still have Diwali coming up on November 11th. So this article has two purposes: First it will give you a glimpse of what my friends wore on Karwachauth this year and secondly you will get some outfit ideas for your upcoming Diwali celebrations.

Be prepared to see lots and lots of pictures. I love this article for various reasons. My favorite reason is that I didn’t have to dress up in different attires to get all these pictures. I’m sharing my friends pictures. These may not be the best quality pictures ( because they are all impromptu pictures intended to be taken for the sake of memories). To me they are the ‘real housewives’ wearing all those gorgeous attires.


Sarees : I just realized while compiling these pictures that pink is the most preferred color – I don’t know why but yes it is !!



Asha Bhandari, the hostess of our annual Karwachauth get together in Colorado Springs for the last 15 years. She rocks in any attire !



My school time friend, Ruchika looks beautiful in this South Silk saree, all the way from Singapore.




My college buddy – sharing her outfit all the way from Australia !





We have a bunch of pretty women in town here 🙂 Check their outfit colors!



Pretty in peach !


Sarees come in all fabrics and colors. Reena is looking beautiful in this net saree.

Sarees come in all fabrics and colors. Reena is looking beautiful in this net saree.





When in doubt, wear black ! This is true for Indian outfits too – always a winner:)



All the way from India- this floor length suit is simply wow !


Punjabi Phulkari suit – always in fashion !




Brocade Suit – all the way from India !




Palazzo Pants – quite popular this season



Palazzo Pants



Simple yet elegant in Patiala salwar !



Im wearing a kurti with dhoti pants – all the three pieces are from three different outfits. Get creative this festive season and raid your own closet !





How colorful !



Meetu, my friend from Atlanta, was sick on Karwachauth. Still she managed to pull off this olive green lehnga with such a grace !




Gauri is wearing lehnga as a saree . Love both the looks.


This lime and aqua blue lehnga is perfect for any Indian festival.


My friend, Jiji, is wearing a Patiala salwar and I only have this picture to show her beautiful dress.

My friend, Jiji, is wearing a Patiala salwar and I only have this picture to show her beautiful dress.


So what do you say about the above outfits?

I have more pictures to share which I will definitely share some other time.

Stay tuned for more Diwali blogs.


Until next time, keep it stylish !



  1. amazing pics.Its feel great to know how you celebrate our Indian festival and culture in other countries.

  2. Wow! They all look lovely! I love those sarees! 🙂

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  4. Loved it. Big thumbs up 👍😊

  5. Beautiful! Thanks for sharing Monica.

  6. Wow they all look wonderful!!

  7. I think these festivals are celebrated with more gusto there than in India.You are doing a great job by sharing these precious photographs with us.

    • You are right aunty. To overcome the homesickness, we try to celebrate accordingly. In India everyone around is in festive mood, the stores, the bazaars,every street and corner reflects the festive spirit. We miss that spirit here, hence we try to create it within our homes, as we can’t expect to get those festive vibes outside. Trust me it’s very hard sometimes especially when its a weekday and no off from work. But we try our best.

  8. I love learning about different cultures. These are all such beautiful outfits!

  9. Wow, these outfits are absolutely stunning. They are amazing. THank you so much for sharing this. Such colorful dresses!

  10. That was a lovely post, Monika! I thoroughly enjoyed reading your post. 🙂 Loved all the pictures of those gorgeous women an their beautiful attire!. Pink indeed is the most preferred color and my fave color too! 🙂

  11. Beautiful!!! There’s a lot to learn when looking at these outfits! Thanks for sharing!

  12. I love Aysha’s dress at the top she looks very elegant and poised. It is always lovely to explore new cultures and ethnic backgrounds.

  13. Wow, I loved all of the styles! Such beautiful attire and gorgeous colours.

  14. love how colourful they are!

  15. Joscelyn | Wifemamafoodie

    I love hearing more about your culture! Beautiful outfits too! Hard to pick a favorite!

  16. Love them all!!! Eepecially the first one. It’s so striking! The colour is stunning and everyone else looks so amazing!

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  18. Such beautiful outfits you all had on! I love them all.

  19. What a colorful article. Good to know that you all celebrate together.

  20. This is such a great post! I love your idea for making this ethnic series. So creative! As well, I agree that pink is the best color for the sarees! Beautiful! Keep up the great posts!

  21. I love your dresses! Great article!

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