How to Style An Indian Kurta

The desi  in me is always looking forward to some Indian wear. Every time I wear an Indian outfit, it instantly connects me to my culture. Here in Colorado, winters are harsh. So the best time to enjoy Indian clothes is summer season, early autumn and late spring. Traditional Indian clothing is not cut out for brutal winters. 

The Indian fabrics, prints and textures have a different charm and feel to them. I mean what’s not to like about them?? It’s just impossible not to be seduced by the fabrics of India. I really appreciate when people from other countries admire  things which represent Indian culture and traditions.

Coming back to this outfit, it’s not a brand new outfit. I have worn the same outfit many times in last 6 years. I wore it this week for a casual breakfast date with my international group of friends. Every time I wear it, I try to change the accessories and footwear which keeps the entire look fresh. I do wear this kurti with white churidaar ( slacks) , ankle pants and skinny jeans but I personally like it better with white capri’s.






















Outfit details :

Blue Kurta : Anokhi

White Capri Pants: Anokhi

Mojaris : Fab India

Bangles, Earrings, Anklet , Necklace : Oxidized Silver from Fab India

Blue Striped Bag : Aldo

Photography : Susan Webb, Catherine Debaise


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Rise and Shine !!


  1. Gorgeous blue colour! Beautiful to see people connecting to culture. Missing the warm weather right now.

  2. Really nice outfits….I think should subscribe for your blog’s newsletters because I don’t want to miss great posts.

  3. Love the blue Kurta! It looks great on you!

  4. Great outfit! It looks good on you!

  5. love this look and this shade of blue! looks good on you!

  6. A very interesting ensemble. Keep up the good work!

  7. You look beautiful in whatever you wear.It is the way you carry them.

  8. I just love the way you look.Bold and beautiful!Keep it up dear.

  9. It really suits you. Such gorgeous colours!

  10. very beautiful look! I just throw on clothes and go- no style involved- I admire people who can put together such outfits and look amazing in them!

  11. Indian clothing is very colorful and pretty

  12. Love blue on white! Great choices!

  13. What a beautiful outfit! The color looks absolutely stunning on you.

  14. I really enjoyed learning the official names of the clothing. Great post.

  15. I love the colours of Indian clothing, they are so much more vibrant and attractive than the dull greys and blues we see here in the UK.

  16. You looking great as always. Im motivated to try something like this 🙂

  17. Like the way you have styled the kurti. Great job !

  18. I love your outfit! It looks good on you. 🙂

  19. Very vibrant & love the accessories 👌

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