Denim Mama 3 : Denim Skirt As A Vacation Staple


Happy Monday Fashionistas !

In my previous blog on denim , I mentioned how denims can be incorporated in your summer wardrobe. Recently, we went for a vacation and I realized how a denim skirt could be one of your best travel staples in summer. 

The best part is it will reflect your mood exactly the way you want to – relaxed and carefree.

A casual tank/tee and a  pair of sneakers – throw and go style !


Few things which I always keep in mind before I pack my bags:


Pack light with style and versatility.

Everything needs to go in a carry on bag.

Travel light. Travel right.

Stylish clothes with simple lines.

Easy to care fabrics – no iron needed.

Outfit comfortable enough for 4-5 hours of driving.

Less luggage – smoother traveling.

Comfortable sandals that are not flip flops: espadrilles, leather slip on, walking sandals or walking shoes.


Here are a few vacation pictures just to give you an idea on how to style a denim skirt.



I’m wearing a vest and layered it with a button down shirt with my denim skirt.






A polo shirt gives a structured look to the denim skirt.




An exceptionally hot day it was, hence my halter neck to beat the heat. No hiking on this particular day, hence my summer sandals !


This was in the evening just before dinner. I look tired after 8 hours of sitting in the car which included 4 hours of driving by me.




Vacay 2015



Our vacation was packed with lots of nature walks and lots of driving. The denim skirt was quite comfortable especially when I was behind the wheels. I like to carry such pieces for vacation. Easy to style and very practical too. 


Read more about travel gear here.

Do you wear denim skirt on your vacation ?

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Have a great rest of the week.


Rise and Shine 🙂


  1. I love how you got so many different looks with one simple item of clothing. They all look amazing too.

  2. Your style is sooo cute! Love your pics!

    – Cielo
    Mermaid in Heels

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