Tween Fashion

  Is your tween daughter back-to-school ready ? You can help her to keep it easy, stylish and comfortable. Or if you are a tween who is reading this article, here are a few ways to look trendy and confident.

There are 6 areas which needs to be taken care of: Beauty, Accessories, Hair, Clothing, Shoes and Confidence.


It’s good to kick start a cleansing routine early on so that you are hooked to this good habit for the rest of your life. Use mild beauty products to begin with, go for organic if you can. Tween skin is young and supple – don’t disturb its balance by throwing in too much chemicals on it ( make up I mean.)

Read here to learn more about school make up.

This article has great tips on tween skin care regime.


Belts, bright bracelets, scarves – make sure you have these in different colors.

Colorful backpacks or a cross body tote – one important accessory you will need everyday.



Hair : Play with your hair – use all the fun accessories – clips, hair bands, barrettes, hats.

Learn easy hairstyles.




Denims: Quite popular among tweens. Whether you like them  printed, rugged, embellished, leopard prints, patchwork, colored or any other playful prints, these can be easily styled with fun tops.

Tops: Screen printed, playful prints ( again ), smart tees with funny quotes are always in fashion. Layer them with bright colored cardigans or jackets in cooler temperatures.


Aeropostale and Forever21

Printed leggings and tunics also lend a trendy look.

Shorts, dresses and skirts – try them in all the colors.



Best clothing tip: Wear fun prints and patterns for a bright and cheerful outlook.

Shoes: Converse,  summer sandals in bright colors – trendy and comfortable. Wear colorful socks to glam up instantly.

Confidence: Learn some new skills other than fashion. This will greatly help in boosting your self confidence. Stay in the company of positive people. Know what you like about yourself and be proud of it. If you feel good about yourself, others will follow too. Clothing is ( and should be ) just one aspect of your personality. Don’t be obsessed about it. This will reflect in your personality. Most importantly : Be Yourself.

Popular Tween fashion stores:

Aeropostale, Hollister, Zara, American Eagle, Forever 21, Juicy Couture, Mango, Target and H&M.

Target and Claire’s carry some of the most fun accessories.


Experiment with your style, looks, hairstyle and wardrobe. Try something new each week. Take your favorite bottoms – be it jeans or skirts – and then mix and match different tops with each.

Don’t follow trends madly. See what looks good on you and decide. Don’t be afraid to change your style a bit. Get inspired by the way people dress up. Go window shopping.

See what popular tweens are wearing. Don’t follow them blindly. Add some personal touch to any look you want to follow. Whatever you decide to wear make sure you carry it well. This may take some practice but that’s how you will learn.

Another lifelong skill to learn early is how to launder and take care of your clothes.


 Slowly, with practice , you will know what styles look good on you. Till then keep trying and keep learning.

Have fun and good luck !


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