Friends Forever !


Friendship is the most precious gifts of life. It’s a feeling that someone understands you the way you are – no flattery, no pretensions.

Good friends are those with whom you have endured happy times – at school, college, job, neighborhood or just anywhere. Nothing can change the fondness you have for each other. At the same time they are always there for / with you in your difficult times.



When we talk to our close friends on phone, we are  sometimes 21 and in college or 15 , in high school or just reliving the birth of our kids. Whether or not , you have lived side by side at different ages, you can still, in a moment , become that age to each other.

We can follow each other through the years, listening , questioning or crying for each other. No perfection is needed. And that is the best part of a true friendship. You can just be yourself. No questions asked !

No pretence, no judgements – just acceptance – that’s how a beautiful friendship should be.


There are different kinds of friends :

Some friends only help us laugh.

Some are best when we are crying.

Some stimulate us intellectually.

Some are great listeners.


Consider yourself lucky if you have one friend of each kind. And I must say you are blessed if at least one of them is all four of the above : 4 in 1. Treasure her/him the most. Also remember that not all friends can meet our needs, so we shouldn’t expect one to. Cherish what you have.

Many good friends drift away from each other because one of them becomes so much consumed with her life – college, marriage, job, motherhood. The truth is when something needs to be cut out in the crunch of daily demands, friends are the first one to go. We put our girlfriends off, all the while believing that we will catch up later. The problem is most of us don’t. There is no catch-up time.

The fact is we need other women if we want to work more efficiently, worry less and stay healthier. Husbands can’t be everything to us and certainly our children shouldn’t be.

Remember, friends are a necessity, not a luxury.


Wishing all my friends – old friends, new friends, good friends a very happy friendship day.

To all my besties – you are extra special to me and I needn’t mention your names here, they are engraved deep in my heart and mind. Thanks for your love and trust in me. Thanks for understanding me a little more than the rest of the world. Hugs .



Only if you know me, you will understand the true meaning of this ;)))


  1. Awwww, friends are so important. They are the family you choose for yourself.

  2. Great post! Good, real friendships are a precious thing, priceless really….

  3. Hahahahaha i loved the way u ended with that cute pic. Certainly I will make sure I don’t loose you. And so true that friends are surely a necessity 🙂

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