Reflections – July


Can you believe this? We are closing out the seventh month of the year.

I’m all amazed as I’m writing this article. Where did July go?  Let’s take a look back before we welcome August.




Grand Teton



Lately, I’ve been…

Cooking : just the basics, not trying any new recipes.

Drinking : iced teas. A lot !!

Reading : whenever I can.

Wanting : to shed a few pounds. Not on top of my list though !

Playing : around with kids.

Eating : home-made pizza. Weekly. Love it.

Wishing : for some quiet time. When do we not need that ??

Enjoying : outdoors.

Waiting : for my next India trip.  God knows when !

Liking : everything about summers.

Wondering : why do some people behave in a certain way. Especially if they are friends / family.

Ignoring : my health. That needs to change.

Wearing : a lot of denim. A LOT !!

Missing : India.

Bookmarking : good articles.

Practicing : Patience. More and more of it with my kids.

Feeling :  grateful.


July was a fun and exciting month. It was well enjoyed and celebrated.

And I can’t resist sharing that my blog is 4 months today. My Facebook page hit 700 likes just now. Not really obsessed with those digits but sometimes those rising numbers give you the much needed adrenaline rush 😉

Thanks for sticking around.

How was your July ?

Hope August brings joy and peace for all.




  1. Gorgeous photo! You are so right about how fast this year is going! Great post 🙂

  2. We are also waiting for all of you here in India………

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