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If you have not guessed by now, this week’s outfit is from last weekend . The inspiration was of course July 4th. We were planning to be at a local park that morning. So, this outfit went just fine with the theme and venue for the festivities. 


Here are some outfit details:


Red shorts ( From Target ): Adding some color to your outfit is always a  fun idea. I picked up red shorts and build up the rest of my look on them.

Navy spaghetti  ( Old Navy ) – Polka dots pattern in navy color gave a nice company to the red shorts.

White Shirt ( Old Navy) : The paisley patterned white and blue shirt did the job well by pulling together the whole outfit.




Accessories : Silver gladiators for feet and a silver/blue floral motif around my neck – that’s all I needed.

Make up : Day time + summers +  a casual party  == means we don’t need piles of makeup. Hence a minimal make up look.




What do you think of this look?

What did you wear on July 4th last weekend?

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Until next time, keep it stylish !

Have a great weekend ahead.




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