The Craft Mama : Fun Ideas For A Lego Themed Party

Happy Monday !

I hope you all had a great long weekend ( readers in U.S.).

It was one of the most awaited weekend in our family – July 4th  being our son’s birthday . Hence , all the excitement and wait – more so by the Birthday boy !


Here are some snippets from his birthday party :


Birthday Theme : We have two Lego lovers in the house. So, it was quite reasonable for one of them to ask for a Lego Theme for his birthday.

Guest List: The birthday boy wanted to have an all boys party. He thought it would be cool to have only boys for his party. It took me sometime to accept this suggestion but I realized it’s his birthday  and I should make sure it is arranged as per his liking.

Party Details: Once the theme and guest list was decided, it was time to think about all other party details – food, decorations and most importantly cake. For someone like me, who enjoy planning and hosting events this was definitely the most fun part. And I’m always super excited about DIY decor. Here are few fun crafts/decorations we did for the Lego Themed Birthday Party.


Birthday Banner: Using 8/10 inches colored paper, we created this banner. We used a circle punch ( 2.5 inches) to cut the round circles which we pasted on the the colored paper. The birthday boy helped me a lot – cutting the circles and pasting them. Total time: About an hour.







Lego Number Board: Using a very large Lego board, the birthday boy arranged few legos in the shape of number 7. Can you think of any better way of doing this ???   Total Time: Less than a minute.






Lego Mugs as Cutlery Holder: One of my friends gave me these Lego mugs and I used these as cutlery holders. Fun idea!






Lego Castle as Napkin Holder: Using a small lego board, my son created a castle with lots of room which could hold as many as 50 paper napkins. Total Time: 2 minutes



P1090933 P1090934



Lego Photo Booth/ Frame : A last minute idea turned out to be one of the most fun craft.  I took a large cardboard and cut it into a large photo frame. Using different lego blocks and stickers this is what I created. Total Time: 40 minutes.








Lego Cake: Basic Chocolate cake covered with edible legos ( Recipes coming soon ).




Lego Cupcakes: I also baked cupcakes and used the same edible legos as toppers. They are easier  to eat and more fun for kids. Total Time to make edible legos: 2 hours.





Hand Sanitizer: I threw in some small lego blocks ( sterilized ) inside the hand sanitizer bottle.




Lego Pinata : A small cardboard box was stuffed and decorated as a Lego Pinata in 30 minutes. ( Tutorial coming soon).




Goody Bags: A birthday party is incomplete without goody bags. Some of you may disagree but I think it’s a way to thank and honor all the kids who were a part of the celebrations. I picked up age appropriate lego sets  as party favors for all the boys. Most of them came in small boxes. So I gift wrapped them and then using a smaller circle punch ( 1 inch) , cut out circles and pasted them as per the theme. There were couple of lego sets which were already made, ready to play kinds. So I put them in small gift bags and decorated the bags as per lego theme.








This party was organized at a local park. I thought of two games but kids were too busy riding their bikes and scooters, so we didn’t do any games. The whole purpose of having games is to engage them in a meaningful way. They were  having  a great time without any games. Sometimes, you have to go with the flow.

We ordered pizzas for the lunch. Chips, fruit, cold salad were served as appetizers. For drinks we had juice and lemonade. Since it was an outdoor event, menu was kept really simple.

I believe kids had a great time playing together. We learned a few things since we hosted at a park for the first time (more on that later). I don’t know if we will host at a park again. All I know is that a summer birthday is best enjoyed in the outdoors – of course weather permitting.

Have a great rest of the week.



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  3. It was so much fun to see all these props at your party! The only thing I do is, smile at all my guests, and be hospitable. But, it is good to learn something new always!!

  4. I’m one of IHM members. Always follow your blog and articles. You have inspired me in many ways. Thank you.

  5. How I wish to host such a party. My kids are grown ups now. Very creative !

  6. Very nice decorations, esp the cake.

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