Reflections – June

It’s the last day of June.

We have completed six months of the year. Yes, 2015 is that old now.

Kids have enjoyed 4 weeks ( already !!! ) of their summer vacation.

We had a rough start with doctor visits but after that all went fine. I feel proud of the fact that I have been patient ( most of the times) with my kids in the past one month. You see I’m growing and evolving as a mom.




This day also marks three months since I shared my new blog with everyone.

Three months are not really that long but when it comes to learning , well – a lot can happen !


Here are three positive things I associate with blogging:


Knowing my priorities : Blogging is one time consuming job and the kind of domestic lifestyle I have, I need to know where/when/ how I will be spending my downtime. I’m using my free time in a much wiser and productive way as a result of regular blogging. And I’m happy about it.

It’s worth my time : When readers like you send me feedback, I feel rewarded for every word I write here on my blog. Please keep reading and sending your valuable feedback.

It’s totally fun : It’s a great feeling to know that I’m free to experiment here on my blog, express my thoughts, learn what I enjoy writing more and also know what you all like to read . All this sums up to a very fun project. I have been trying new series on blog and will keep doing so. Change is always good and trying on new things adds a new dimension to this creative journey.



A beautiful sunrise captured during one of our hikes. Photo Credits : Susan Webb


I feel amazed when I look at the stats of my blog. Whether I know you or not, I feel connected to each one of you. Thanks for sparing your valuable time.

Grab your coffee and stay around 🙂

Notes from personal life : Thousands of moons ago, on this day, I got engaged to this man ( my husband ) who stole my heart forever 🙂

Happy Tuesday !!


  1. Congrats as it is your wedding anniversary today.That is what I assumed from your notes.

  2. You enjoy writing & we enjoy reading. Keep up the good work

  3. Reflection is an important aspect of life, while can help you grow in leaps. Good to hear your thoughts, Monika. From your Notes, I am assuming you mean, Sun 🙂

    • I agree Archana. One can’t move forward without learning from your past actions and reflections help in that!

  4. Nice and thoughtful !

  5. Loved reading this ! You are a positive person who finds positive in everything – this is what I can say about you after reading your blogs.

  6. Congratulations. Nice thoughts.

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