The Summer Mama

There is something magical about  the most laid back season of the year.

Aaahh summers I have missed you !

The magic of early morning breeze, frappuccinos, ice creams, BBQ’s, picnics – just a few of my summer favorites.

Summer time is fun as kids are home too.

Yes, they may be annoying at times, but still it’s so much fun to have them around.

I have a dozen things on my mind which I wish to do this summer.

My summer wish list

Road trip(s)

Spa day ( Just had one as my birthday treat to myself, at least one more by the end of the summer)

Picnics at local parks

Attend a music festival

Camping in our backyard

Sunrise hikes

Meditate first thing in the morning

Try/create 3-4 new recipes

  • Few craft project ideas – will see if I can do at least two of those
My Birthday Sunrise Hike

My Birthday Sunrise Hike

My summer wardrobe looks something like this:


Skirts and more skirts

Shorts – in different colors

Dresses – assorted styles

Denims – here n there !!

Fancy Footwear

Colorful Accessories


My summer make up is bare minimum

Lactocalamine ( anyone ??)

Day/ night moisturizer 

Colored eye pencil

Colored Lip balm

Body mist


Do we need more ? Buy at Amazon, Macy’s, Burt’s Bees



I have these three books on my mind.

What are your plans for this summer?

Do you have any wishlists?

No?? Why not ?

Yes? Then please share in the comments below.

Coming up next is the ” OUTFIT OF THE WEEK” – new series starting this Thursday.


  1. Ahh!! I have been planning for a while on Backyard Camping. Hopefully soon. Your article is full of summer spirit 🙂 So much to do and such little time… this article is motivating me to get started… thanks girl!

  2. I used to use lactocalamine.You have reminded me of that again.I luv your articles .Though summers in India are not welcomed.But now monsoon is not far away.Waiting for that now.

  3. I love lactocalamine. Fun article !

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