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I had a great Birthday weekend. I’m still feeling tired from all the birthday celebrations and I have two more birthday dinners this week. Hence, would like to keep this short and sweet.

Many thanks to all my readers who sent me personal messages on my birthday. Will be sending them individual thank you notes soon. The highlight of my birthday was our visit to the new Hindu Temple at Denver. I thought it was a great idea to spend few hours at the temple on my birthday. Totally divine !!

I wore  two  three of my favorite outfits on my birthday. Shared few pictures on instagram.

And I have some news to share with you all. PDAC will be three months soon on 30th June. But I wanted to share these news around my birthday too ( 21st June). And today looks like a good day.


Firstly, if you have noticed, PDAC has a new look. My web designer and I have been talking about giving a new look to the blog – just like I gave a new look to myself. Hope you like our new looks.




Next, starting this week is a new theme – “Outfit Of The Week”. I’m really looking forward to that. And while I’m adding a theme, I will be putting an old theme on hold, so as to have a balance. You will see it yourself which theme is on hiatus. Change is good, right ?

And lastly, PDAC is on Instagram now. So do follow me there. Still very new to this concept of photo sharing and I will definitely need your support there too. The more I wanted to stay away from social media, the more I have to put my hands into it – irony of my life !!

You don’t want to miss my next blog – it’s that interesting ! So do come back.




Look what I got yesterday. Little pleasures of life !



Rise and Shine 🙂



  1. Glad you had a good birthday. PDAC is coming up for it’s 6th month soon. Congratulations! That’s quite an achievement!

  2. Great read!

  3. looking forward to the OOTW series !

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