The Birthday Mama

Every year, my birthday marks the First Day of Summer ( officially) here in US. This year it’s Father’s Day , World Music Day and  International Yoga Day too. 

 I take my birthday as an opportunity to rethink my life. A gentle reminder to reflect upon how well I’m fulfilling my life’s purpose.  Am I spending my time properly or am I involved in things that distract me from achieving my personal goals ?  What are the things I’m doing to stay positive and and what are the ways I can further decrease negativity in my life?

Here’s  what I have tried in last one year :

Turned vegan for a week – and I’m not doing that again. Of all the things, I can’t live without milk/yogurt.

Technology Fasting – on weekends. Except for the weekend movie nights but absolutely no social media. I’m not a TV person even otherwise. It was so liberating !!

I actually deleted FB app from my smartphone on January 1st this year. And I don’t see it coming back in near future.

Shopping fast – Yes I did that too. I did no personal shopping ( clothes, shoes and bags ) from October 2014 – April 2015. I’m on a mission here :))  I believe I have plenty. I want to use every single outfit hanging in my closet before going for my next shopping spree. I have a fairly good style sense which helps me mix and match my old pieces. I think it’s always good to recycle – my kids know I’m not shopping all the time or in other words , I’m not into materialism- and it’s so important for them to understand and learn this for their own benefit.  Will tell you later how / when/ why I broke this fast.

Less commitments – I would see how much time and effort would go into the project before saying ‘yes’ to anyone. It was hard for me especially because I didn’t know how to say ‘no’ to anyone.

What did I learn from the above experiments?

All of my trials above just confirmed my belief of appreciating what you already have.

Because I learned to say ‘no’, hence I also  learned to slow down – now I don’t rush through my day.

I derive pleasure from most mundane of the things for a happier and exciting life.

I no longer aim to multi task. I take up one project at a time – focus on it and enjoy it .

My house looks like a home – where people live and laugh ( and cry too). I learned that a clean house is a sign of wasted life. I no longer yell at my kids to clean up. They are learning to clean up slowly without my intervention. I just focus on basic cleaning and hygiene of the house. Kids toys and their mess is no longer a concern.


As I turn an year older today, I’m thinking of all the blessings that came my way in the last one year. I started this blog and it’s growing only bigger and better. All thanks to my readers like YOU. So,  THANK YOU to each one of you. You see I have enough reasons to celebrate today and be thankful for.

So let’s celebrate !!

Here are few thoughtful ways to celebrate birthdays :

Breakfast in bed

Spa day

Movie night

Visit to temple and be thankful for all the blessings and the fact that I’m alive today.

Go around town with family

Edit/ create your bucket list

Buy yourself a gift ( I bought myself a cool and sexy journal;)

A decadent  meal

Sunrise hike/walk( I started this tradition last year)

Start a new habit/ make a resolution on your birthday instead of doing that in January.




This year’s Birthday Sunrise Hike..



I think everyone should start something new on their birthdays. New habits, new hobby, start a new tradition -anything which they have never tried before, which makes you happy, and which you can look back upon with a smile on your face.

I’m looking forward to spending time with my loved ones. I hope it’s a memorable day for me.

Will share the pictures soon.


Happy Summers.

Happy Birthday fellow Geminis/ Cancerians.

Happy Father’s Day.

Happy Music Day.

Happy International Yoga Day.

Did you know??

A person born on  February 29 may be called a  “leapling” or a “leaper”.


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  2. Happy Birthday Monika, always enjoy reading your blogs. Have a blessed birthday

  3. Very nicely put. Happy bday momma!!

  4. Nice! Wishing you a very happy birthday Monika 🙂

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