Wellness Fridays – 7 Easy Exercises For Flat Belly

When it comes to exercise, we should know our priorities.

For me, exercise is one of the ways to keep my mind and body healthy. Belly fat is just one small aspect, and I’m slowly working on it. I try to do few of these couple of times a week.

I’m very much confident that if I do these 5-6 times a week, those last few pounds around my belly will go away soon…..BUT who’s in a rush ??? Not me !!!

Please make sure you have no medical ailments before trying out these exercises. It’s always good to consult your doctor before starting any exercise regime.


Plank pose: Start with holding this pose for 10 seconds and increase the duration as per your stamina and comfort level. Challenging your body is one thing and it should come when you are at intermediate level. Aim to hold this pose for as long as 60-90 seconds. This may take up to a week or more.


Plank Pose . Source





Scissors – Alternate leg raises while lying on your back. 10 per leg to begin with and increase as per your comfort level.


Here are 4 sets of  standing ab exercises. As a beginner you can do these without using any weight. And slowly as you get comfortable, start using a ball for exercise number 2, 3 and 4. I used a soccer ball :))



For detailed video on these standing exercises, click here.


Kapaalabhati or Shining Breath – is a breathing technique which eliminates toxins from body and works on belly muscles too.

Here is how to perform Kapaalabhati :

  1. Sit comfortably in an upright posture and rest your hands on your lower belly.
  2. Draw your navel to your spine in a quick motion, forcefully expelling all the air from your lung. The primary movement is from your diaphragm.
  3. Allow your lungs to fill naturally, with no effort.
  4. Perform this cycle ten times, then allow your breathing return to normal and observe the sensations in your body. Repeat these cycles of ten movements three to four times.


I would like to stress that while doing any exercise you must listen to your body. If at any point you feel pain or discomfort, STOP immediately. Maybe your body is not ready for that kind of exercise. Take a day off and restart again in a day or two or even a week.


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And if you struggling to lose some weight, here’s my weight loss journey.


Have a great weekend ahead !!



  1. Am definitely trying them out. In fact I am trying ten breathing exercises as I type this 🙂 Thanks for the downloadable Infograph!

    Julie Syl Kalungi

  2. Great, quick workouts I can easily do each day! I’ll have to give them a try and.

  3. This looks like a great exercise. I really need to work on flattening my belly. I will give this a try!

  4. I recently got back into fitness so I’m going to try these exercises. I think plank is the one I may struggle as I was never good at it.

  5. Definitely going to have to try the standing workout for abs before my trip to Florida next month – standing up just sounds so much better than doing crunches!

  6. I really need to do these exercise… After delivery baby, my tummy never really flatten down.. 🙂

  7. Great info. I’m trying to get into working out period and these seem like a good starting point

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