Picnic Basket Essentials

I was at the park when I drafted this article. My older one was at his game practice and the little one on slides. I was watching both of them with great delight. And then there was this family sitting close to where I had stationed my picnic mat. They were eating their dinner ( it was 7.00 ish in the evening) when the kids started screaming for paper napkins. To their mom’s horror, they were out of the paper napkins. Luckily I had some in my bag and offered them. That was the moment when I realized it could happen to any one of us.


We think we have everything in our picnic bag only to find one or the other thing missing at the park. I still had about 30 minutes till my son’s game practice was to be over.  I had my notebook and pen with me, so I compiled a list of all the essentials which should be in our picnic bag. You see, ideas come naturally to me 🙂


Food / Beverages : Finger foods or other casual food items you can eat without utensils e.g. sandwiches, salads, fruit, water, juice/sodas, condiments, salt and pepper.




Tableware: Disposable, stackable plates, glasses, fork/spoons/knives, paper napkins,serving spoons, tongs etc. depending on what food you are taking .


Clean up :  Plastic bags to use as trash bags, moist wipes.




Designated picnic bag/ basket

A picnic mat / sheet

A hand sanitizer

Bottle opener

Sunscreen, Sun hat





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Picnics are always fun and relaxed events.

With summer vacations on, do we need any reason to schedule one ??


What an inexpensive way to create some great memories !


Happy Summers !


P.S. … Coming soon some easy and healthy picnic snacks. Stay tuned.


  1. Like that picnic basket…simple yet stylish

  2. Great article, short and sweeet !

  3. Good read Monika. I’m looking forward to the recipes now

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