Tuesday Tip : 10 Smart Ways To Hide Belly Fat

After a certain age, belly fat is a common issue for most of women.  I have compiled a list of some tips/tricks which will help you to hide some of your belly fat. Most of these tips come from personal experience. I don’t hesitate to admit – yes I have belly fat !! That’s my problem area too. Hence I’m sharing my own tricks . Hope these help you in some ways.


Don’t wear very tight clothes.

Tunics with leggings hide the extra fat around belly as the leggings compress your belly.



10322764_10153095217419196_6797088445226331238_n (1)

That’s how I wear tunics with leggings. Belly ??? Who cares ???


Below the knee dresses elongate your look and if you are interested,  allow shape wear to do the rest of the job.


The hemline is slightly below the knee plus the gathered look around the belly will help hide the belly. Buy here.


Accessorize the right way – avoid belts as they will highlight your belly. Instead wear bold bracelets or a statement necklace to take attention away from your belly. The only time belt will help you is if when you  wear empire waist dress.


Draping across the belly camouflages, with help from the color and prints. In general, darker colors camouflage better than lighter ones. But don’t just stick to black only. Now is the right time to explore other dark shades on the color wheel.

Shop here


Empire waist dresses, wrap dresses ( above), pencil skirts are great to hide belly fat.


Empire waist. Source – Modcloth.com


Go for mid rise jeans as they hit your belly and compress it. Avoid low rise jeans at any cost !!


Mid rise jeans with a black tank is doing the trick here.

Because firm fabrics are better than the lighter, clingy fabrics to hide the belly fat, try Peplum top and sheath dress in sturdy fabrics. Just make sure the peplum top has a slightly higher waist, hitting you at your narrowest point.

hmprod (1)

Peplum top , buy here


Sheath Dress from Macy’s


Layering is another good option. Try to add a cape or a scarf ( or long necklace)  or both to add layers to your outfit.


Source – Macy’s.com


Lastly, try to do some belly exercises to deal with extra fat. It’s the hardest of all but we must keep trying ( More on that in this week’s Wellness Fridays ).


Also, don’t be obsessed by those extra pounds around your belly. After all they are part of you, so embrace your body with all its flaws. You will look naturally beautiful.

And for some mindful  motivation on losing weight , read my weight loss story here. I lost 55 lbs in a slow and healthy way.

What is your way to hide belly fat ?


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  2. Wearing a wrap around tunic will show your curves and hide the belly. Also designs ( such as lines) converging towards the waist will make u look slim..

  3. Very good tips I’m sure i can easily use one of them.

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