Wellness Fridays- The Seven Bridges Hike

Our sunrise hikes kick started last weekend when my fellow hikers decided to meet @ 4.45 a.m. at the designated meeting point. We reached the trailhead by 5.15 a.m. This was a 4.75 mile beautiful hike.

The fun part was counting the seven bridges and the creek which criss cross the trail. Since we started very early, we were the only ones hiking. It was towards the last leg of the hike, on our way back, that we met other hikers who had just begun . This hike was special, not only because it was my first hike this season, but also because of the fact that we planned it to celebrate our hiker friend Ruth. She graduated in May and we decided to celebrate her milestone with a sunrise hike. Here are few pictures.



The Awesome Foursome !




11393179_10155578196170640_5657012072321205840_n (2)

A Fun Idea !!




1st Bridge




2nd Bridge




3rd Bridge




4rth Bridge




5th Bridge



6th Bridge




7th Bridge



And finally the Sunrise…makes it worth waking up at 4.00 a.m




The Blue Skies – a typical of Colorado



The blueberry muffins – for the celebrations !




The masala chai and breakfast burrito – much needed at the top !




Tired but always ready for a picture …that’s us !!




Hiking above the clouds – it was a beautiful morning



And our beautiful friend Ruth…she is qualified to be a counselor now . Congratulations !!


I was exhausted by the end of the hike – well I could barely walk  during the last one mile – but I’m glad I made it to the end. We all loved this hike and plan to do it one more time before winter sets in. And I’m hopeful my body will be ready by then and I won’t be as tired as I was this time.


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