Go Green !

You must be the change you wish to see in the world…..Gandhi

Every year June 5th is celebrated as World Environment day.

I was wondering what all do we do to make our planet green. I still need to do a lot more but I’m happy that I’m at least doing my part, however little it seems to me.

To make our homes eco friendly, we need to have a lifestyle which supports our thought process. We have to keep trying to make every day of our lives a green day by following simple, effective ways for saving environment. Our small efforts can make a huge difference.

For more help, read Jodi Helmer’s book ‘ The Green Year’ for 365 ways of going green and making your home eco friendly. It’s an amazing book and chances are you will see the transformation soon.



Here’s my ‘green lifestyle’ :


Turn off lights and fans when not in use.

Turn off the faucets while brushing teeth and while rubbing soap for washing hands.

Use recyclable grocery bags.

Use pressure cooker for cooking most of our meals.

Use energy star rated bulbs and appliances.

Run a full dishwasher and laundry cycle.

Use cold water to do laundry.

Line/air dry clothes whenever weather permits- Spring,Summer,Fall

Recycle paper and plastic.

Pay bills online.

Get email receipts instead of paper ones.

Use microfiber cloths instead of paper towels for cleaning.

In winters, turn the thermostat to 58 F when we are not home.

Turn off computer at the end of the day.

Unplug cell phones and laptops once they are fully charged.

Schedule my errands in such a way so that If I’m in one area, I try to finish all errands in that area in the same trip. Saves me gas and time both.

Use re-chargeable batteries when ever we can.

On my list to go even greener :

Install dual flush system.

Reuse water from washing veggies.


How are you living a green life ?


  1. Nice tips. I’m following quite a few but still have a to do list put there. Thanks for putting all this together Monika

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