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Bags are one of those accessories which can make or break your look. The right bag will endure your personality while the wrong one will put you down in every way. With so many different shapes, styles, colors and materials, it is nearly impossible to pick just one bag. I can easily pick 3-4 bags when I’m looking for just one particular type of bag. Of course, I don’t end up buying all what I like. I try to stay in my budget and think of the following questions before I finalize which bag deserves to be in my closet.


Tote Bag – Large, double handled, with an open main compartment. Polished and professional look.


With how many outfits can I carry it?

       It should match well with your wardrobe. It’s always good to have the staple colors like brown, black, white, nude which will surely give  a good company to most of your outfits.


Back pack – ideal for sportswear or school


Will I use it as an accessory or for practical use?

Trendier ones can be easily used as an accessory like the neon colored or a cocktail clutch or an envelope bag.


Hobo Bag- Shoulder carried, main compartment closure, most popular for daily use


How often will I be using the bag?

Am I going to use it on a daily basis or only few times a month ? This is important because this helps you to decide on the material and style of the purse. Most of my daily wear bags are leather bags. They are durable and are good with daily wear and tear. And they are cross bodies too. Just a personal preference. I like to go hands free whenever it’s a casual outing – running errands, groceries, ferrying kids, picnics and parks.


Messenger Bag – as a school bag, diaper bag, laptop bag, courier bag, travel bag ( for all documents, laptop )


Will it go with my lifestyle ?

       The perfect handbag should support all the activities you do and hold all your belongings. An office bag will be different from your weekend bag.


Wristlet – Clutch shaped with a strap which can be carried around the wrist. Casual, semi-formal, formal depending upon the material.


  How hard/easy are  the care instructions to follow?

      Any bag, expensive or not, should be easy to be taken care of.


Clutch – small, rectangular suited for formal wear/ evening wear. If looks like a letter, it’s called an envelope bag.


    Is it durable ?

    It should be worth what you are paying for, giving you a good mileage. This is specially if you plan to use it on a daily basis.


Duffel Bag/ Sea Bag – Large, used for travel or as a sports bag, gym bag


What is the best color for me?

It should match well with most of your wardrobe. Otherwise you’ll be shopping soon for a new wardrobe to match it.


Bucket bag – Quite roomy, with shoulder strap and open top. Good for casual wear/ travel.


What is the right size bag for me?

 Make sure that your purse has enough room to accommodate all the essentials you always keep in your bag. If you can’t  fit the bare essentials in the bag, it defeats the purpose. Depending on your lifestyle – working or not – can help you determine what size makes the most sense for you.


Satchel Bag- Small or large, double top handles, top closure, flat bottom. Essential work horse bag !


Is it functional ?

Many a times I see bags which are fun to look at but only to be a big disappointment when you open them. Some don’t even have a small zipper pocket inside. Really ? What do I do with such bags? Just leave them in the store for others to see:))

A good bag should have at least one zipper to secure all your belongings.


Cross body – Adjustable, sturdy strap gives a lot of freedom of movement. Many purses come with option of removable long strap.


What’s the best style for me?

If you want to use your purse for multiple seasons, avoid going for overly trendy purses – the ones with more embellishments ( buttons, large hardware). Go for a more classic, clean style.


Straw bag – comes in different shapes; ideal summer carry all bag.


How do I want to carry it ?

It’s important  for you to know how you’re most comfortable carrying your purse. Do you prefer carrying your bag on your shoulder, or on the crook of your arm or you want to keep your hands free but still carry the bag ?



Yes, I love cross body bags. And all of my cross bodies can turn into regular purses if I remove their long straps.



How about the quality of the material?

Whatever your budget is, be sure that the quality of the bag is still there. It’s always a good idea to spend some extra money to ensure the longevity of your purchase. I learned about the ‘cost per wear’  which can be determined by dividing the price of an item by the number of times you think you’ll use it. Sometimes the cost per wear for a more expensive purse will be less than an inexpensive purse due to the quality and its durability.


Purses come in leather, faux leather, suede, nylon, canvas, fabric, straw, satin just to name a few.You might want to put most of your bag budget in basic, quality handbags so that they compliment your lifestyle.  So before buying a handbag, ask yourself few of the above questions.


P.S. All the above featured bags can be purchased at Macy’s.Com


Do you have a preference for any bag? Would love to know your personal style.

Stay tuned for some general tips to buy handbags as per your body type. All that in Tuesday Tip this week.


  1. Absolutely loved this one. And you look so pretty in that collage. I’m using MK these days.

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  4. I’m using LV Neverfull for work and crossbody on weekends while I’m running errands. Never tried a backpack.

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