Tuesday Tip :  Sharpie Nail Art



Not a pro at nail art ? Neither am I.

That’s why I love sharpies – easy and convenient to use.

In just few minutes you can create amazing designs. I always keep sharpies handy for some last minute nail designs. You can play with silver, golden and bronze colors to begin with.







  • Cheaper than salon mani-pedi.
  • Easier to apply with your non – dominant hand.
  • Easier than any other nail art tool especially if you are just a beginner. 
  • Can be removed easily with alcohol.




Safety Concerns


  • Sharpies are not intended to be used on skin. But then finger nails are not skin. They are dead tissue only. To be on the safer side, apply a base coat or polish of choice on your nails before you apply any Sharpie. This will create a barrier between your nail and sharpie.
  • The nail paints ( even the best brands ) are all chemicals. So if you have safety concerns, then I’m assuming you don’t use nail polish at all.
  • And I also know that Sharpies are non toxic –  their label says :))


Avoid smearing of sharpie art:


Let the sharpie art dry before you apply top coat.

Top coat should not be very thick. Just one stroke all over will prevent the smearing of sharpie.

Still if it smears, apply hair spray over the sharpie design at a distance ( 3-4 inches ) and then apply top coat.

If using metallic markers, you can even skip top coat .




I still use  nail paint and brush to do details on my nails. But sharpie is a good way to improve your art skills before you start using nail art tools.

Plus, I can’t over look the ease of sharpie application when I’m in a hurry.

And as long as I’m getting compliments, who is complaining !


Do you have any experience with this? Please share your opinions.


Rise and Shine !!



  1. Priyanka Kathuria

    Hey Monika. I do want to use Sharpies for my nail art. But I have a query – which type do you think should be used for nail art? Or rather – would be most useful? Sharpie fine point markers, or ultra-fine?

    • Hey Priyanka, both types have their own uses. I find ultra fine quite handy when i have to do some fine detailing like flowers, stripes etc. If you have to pick one and you are new to sharpie or nail art, I would suggest Fine point markers. Practice with them and switch over to finer tips. Hope this helps.

  2. It’s a great idea esp for beginners. Quick and easy too. Thanks for the tips.

  3. I liked hair spray idea.

  4. Cool tip Monika..One more use of Sharpie 🙂

  5. Wowwww this is an awesome tip Monika. Never knew sharpies could be so handy. I’m surely gonna try, being a crafter I have a bunch of them

  6. Nic tips az im vry bad at nail art so ths s gng 2 Help me out

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