Wellness Fridays – Vrikshasana / Tree Pose

The future depends upon what we do in the present – Mahatma Gandhi


I learned yoga for three years at a local yoga school back in India ( Chandigarh) while I was in college. Every morning I would walk to that school ( 1 mile walk) to attend the 6.00 am class.

I realized the benefits of yoga on our mind and body within few days only. That motivated me to learn more about yoga and so I rarely missed my mat in the mornings.

Early mornings are believed to be the best time for yoga but  I do it as and when I have time.




Vrikshasana / Tree Pose



This is one of the first poses you learn while learning to balance your body and mind. When you practice balancing poses, you also learn how to get grounded, find your center, stay focused and calm your mind. Falling and getting up also teaches us to be humble and more patient, along with a good laugh.

I always start my exercise session with this pose as my limbs and spine gets a good stretch.


How to do Tree pose


  • Stand tall with your hands on your sides.
  • Bend your right knee and place your right foot high on your left thigh.
  • The sole of the right foot should be flat and firmly placed on the left thigh.
  • Make sure your left leg is straight.
  • Once you are well balanced, breathe in, raise your arms and join your hands together above your head.
  • Make sure your spine is straight. Try to focus on any distant object and balance yourself.
  • Keep taking in long deep breaths. Every time you exhale, your body should feel relaxed. Stay in this pose for 6-8 breaths. It’s ok if you wobble in the beginning.
  • Exhaling slowly, bring your hands down.
  • Repeat the above steps with the other leg.




Imagine yourself to be a tree while you are in the pose – firmly rooted and upright. Think of any tree and try to channelize all of your thoughts in that tree. This visualization will make it easier to balance on one leg.



Benefits of Tree Pose


  • It stretches your legs, back, arms and rejuvenates you.
  • It makes legs stronger and opens the hips.
  • Continuous practice will improve balance of your body and concentration too.
  • Regular practice will inculcate self discipline. It was for this self discipline that sadhus in ancient times meditated standing in this pose for long periods.


Don’t try tree pose if


  • you have blood pressure problems
  • you are insomniac
  • you have migraine


If you fall, don’t lose hope. Know that at least you tried. With practice and patience, you will make progress.

After a relaxing yoga session, I always crave for a healthy snack. These days , I’m hooked to Avocado Toasts and green tea.


Until next time….Stay Positive !!



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  2. I’m not a yoga person but have to admit soon will be one. Your posts are very inspiring. And for sure falling & getting up teaches you to be humble

  3. I totally understand . Will try to share some yoga poses which you can also try without worrying about your health. Thanks for your feedback. Appreciate that :))

  4. At least I won’t be able to do this tree exercise with my knee replacements as well disc problem in the spine.Please I need some exercises which I can do comfortably.But now i came to know how ur so slim trim.

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