Travel Mama – 3 (Summer Vacation Wardrobe)



Vacation wardrobe is a serious project. Well, at least for me 🙂

Because I’m not one of those people who use “comfort” as a rationale for downright sloppy attire.

I’m definitely a comfortable-but-far-from-sloppy-traveller.



Estes Park- 2014


My thought process while I’m planning my travel wardrobe

  • I make sure that all of my tops go with all of my bottoms, and that most of the tops can layer with most others.
  • Pieces that can be worn multiple ways, such as a buttoned cardigan that can step in as a top under a jacket, or as outerwear over a tee or blouse.


This may not sound like the blueprint for a glamorous, show-stopping wardrobe. But it’s practical, so I’m all for it. Also, I believe in travel light and travel smart.


Before you start packing, think of these


  • Your destination, activities, and expected temperatures.
  • Local customs and attitudes, as well as religious beliefs.
  • Levels of formality ( meeting some family friends etc. ).


Worst travel pieces

Bulky Jewellery

Anything too warm or bulky.

Clothes that are only appropriate for dressy venues.


Best travel buddies


Comfy pants/ leggings/ jeggings + Layering tanks and light weight cardigans, wraps

( air travel , or while on a road trip)



I love pajama pants during traveling




Dresses ( Day wear/ Night wear):  Sun dress, Jersey dress, Maxi dress, Jump suits




Wear a denim jacket over these at night and you have a new look.


Bottoms (Day wear/ local sight seeing) : Pajama pants, Jegging, Utility Skirts , Utility Shorts, Skorts, maxi skirts( can be night wear too)



Take a pair of shorts and capris with 2-3 tops and mix and match.




3-4 different colored/patterned tops are good. Make sure each of these go with all the bottoms you are packing. And should be layerable too.Here, the denim jacket will go with all of these.



Scarves and Denim Jacket keeps you warm in the evenings


Click here to see how you can add pajama pants in your list if you want.



Maxi skirts- Both day and night wear.For night wear, wear a light cardigan / denim jacket + scarf for a new look.



Shoes which slip on and off easily —– comfortable and breathable summer sandals appropriate for dinner at an upscale restaurant or on beach —  espadrilles, walking sandals

daywear shoes- sandals/ sneakers/flipflops,

night wear- a pair of heels / wedges/ ballet flats



Espadrilles( Blue), Walking sandals ( orange) , Strappy ones ( Black) are all you need. For serious hikes, wear your hiking shoes/walking sneakers



Add some fun to your travel wardrobe with colored accessories. I always prefer a cross body over any other bag. Take a fun watch which will be used as a bracelet too.


Now, you don’t have to pack all of the above outfits. These are just to give you some ideas. I would pack a dress, one pair of shorts, one pair of pajama pants, a skort or maxi skirt , denim jacket and around 4 tops for a 5-6 day trip. Don’t forget to add your sleep wear. Jewelery and makeup would be minimal. For a complete travel list check here.



I use a cotton button down shirt for layering. These thin shirts also protect from sun during bright, sunny summer days.


As you can see, with some thought and planning, you can create a fun and practical vacation wardrobe. Pack some basics and let the accessories lead. Add a print, color and personality with scarves, shoes, bags and jewelry, but always remember to keep things practical. Avoid wasting space by making sure everything matches.


What will your travel wardrobe look like?

Do share your thoughts in the comments below.

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