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Let’s be honest, who doesn’t want to look great while exercising? Be it  for yoga, pilates, walking, elliptical, zumba –  you can still rock clothes that look and feel amazing and keep you pushing towards that extra mile.




Here are general guidelines to buy fitness clothes. You should talk to the sales person at sports goods store if you have a particular sport in mind.


Wicking ability

Look for Polyester/ Lycra blend/ wool/ bamboo – these will keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer, even when wet, and dry quickly.

Avoid cotton – it is comfortable, but traps the  perspiration while you are exercising, hence  weighing down your garment and clinging to your skin.

For the same reason, socks, gloves, hats, running tights/ shorts, sports bra, workout pants are available in performance fabrics.




Type of Activity

Think of the activity you do most, and make sure the clothes you buy are comfortable and appropriate for that activity.




Comfort and Fit


Pay more attention to fit than size. 

Avoid any rough fabrics that could irritate your skin during repetitive movement. 

Choose materials that let you move and don’t constrict you.





You should be able to wear your workout clothes, especially tops, throughout the year.This is what I do to get the maximum out of my workout clothes :

Start with a  moisture-wicking dry layer :  T-shirt or tank top

Add a warmer layer such as a fleece pullover during colder months.

Finish with a protective outer layer ( waterproof and wind proof) such as a windbreaker or a nylon shell.




For a well-rounded fitness wardrobe, invest in a variety of garments from the following list:

  • Workout shirt/ tank tops
  • Workout bottoms – lightweight, breathable and allow full range of motion
  • Workout socks
  • Sports bra
  • Swimsuits ( for the swimmers)
  • Jackets – lightweight shell jackets
  • Shoes – as per your activity/sport





  • Shop during the off-season for the best deals.
  • Avoid washing most workout wear with fabric softeners. They may decrease the wicking abilities of the synthetic fabrics.
  • You can’t go wrong with fitted workout Capri pants and a fitted performance top  but always try on clothes before you buy and make some movements.
  • Wear an outfit that looks good on you. Buy one or two trendy pieces ( like a  T-shirt in a fun color)  keeping  your classic, timeless  black pants.




Besides keeping you comfortable, dry and cool, the right outfit also makes you feel like a million bucks, so buy pieces which flatter your  body shape and hit the gym in style.

All of my workout clothes in the above pictures are either from Old Navy or Target or Marshalls, price range between $5 – $20.

Do you have any favorite brands ?

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