Tuesday Tip – Spring Fringe






What’s Spring without any Fringe ?

The other day I was out with one of my friends on a coffee date ( wore the above outfit).  She asked me which is one accessory to have in Spring / Summer, whether you are a fashionista or not. Glad I was already carrying that Springy accessory and could show her right away ! And I told her that  this is one trend which has actually never gone out of style. 


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To highlight my cross body, I stayed away from other bulky accessories. Just wore my watch and earrings .


Doesn’t matter if you don’t have all of the Spring basics, all you need is one ‘fringy’ piece in your wardrobe and you are good to go !!

If you haven’t tried anything ‘Fringy’ this Spring, here’s some inspiration for you.



Sometimes a little accessory ( neck piece here) is all you need.





Who needs another accessory with this cross body, which is so Springy and Fringy ??


Apart from those, I have many earrings, scarves, bracelets which fit in this ‘Fringy’ theme. Pictures later !  Now let’s see how others are rocking the look .



Street inspiration !



Buy these at Amazon.com, Macy’s, Target



Source : Target and Poly vore



Too much of Fringe can look like a costume, so my advice is to pick one or two  pieces at a time and rock the look !!

So, what’s your pick ?

Would love to see your Spring Fringe on our FB page :))

P.S. This is my first style tip ( my previous fashion blogs were full of tips only , if you are wondering !! ) , short and sweet, talking about only one piece of fashion.

How I wish a week should come with 10 days. I have so much to share :))

Stay tuned. You really don’t wanna miss my next style tip.

Rise and Shine !!


  1. Your fringe bag is cute and I love the color of your top and white pants. I like fringe but not too much of it.

  2. I really do love fridges, especially on shoes and bags! I think they look so cute. I love all these picks

  3. Love, love that bag. I am so obsessed with fringe, I feel like it will never go out of style.

  4. The Spring Fringe or Fringy look does suit you, It suits one with your body shape and mass….With my African Backside I doing know would look good, but who says I cant try 🙂

  5. How did you do that? That looks awesome.You look beautiful, as always.That color looks perfect on you. Keep up the good work

  6. Woohhoooo I am glad I have something fringy, but the bag is next on my list

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