Mother’s Day Gift Ideas


Mother’s day is around the corner.

Not that we need a special day to express our gratitude for all that she does for us, but because mom does a lot for us, I think she truly deserves a special day just for herself .

And if you are still looking for gift ideas for your mom

then look no further as I have compiled a list of thoughtful gifts to choose from for the most important woman in your life.

 Here are a few ideas to help your mother celebrate motherhood.


A cooking basket. Grab a basket or a large mixing bowl. Throw in some spices, measuring spoons, baking mixes and other kitchen utensils. Mom will love to have them when she cooks up next time.




A gardening basket.  Grab a basket and fill it with bulbs, seeds, garden gloves and other gardening supplies. Mom will love to have a greener yard.





Manicure Basket. In a mason jar or a basket, put nail paints, foot scrubbers, mini lotions and other manicure supplies.




A craft basket. Mom loves to craft? Give her a basket full of craft supplies like glue sticks, stickers, card stocks, ribbons.





Books. For all the bibliophile moms, grab some books as per her taste and gift wrap them. You can add crossword puzzles, bookmarks, reading lights too. Or a gift card to one of her favorite bookstore. Or annual subscription to her favorite magazines.





From Barnes and Noble


Journals. Mom likes to journal her thoughts ? Great ! Because there are plenty of cute journals available online and in local bookstores. I also like Target for their journal collection. Throw in some pens and markers to make her next writing experience a memorable one.




Barnes and Noble



A jewelery organizer. If she does not have one, this makes a great gift. You are helping towards her mission to keep home more organized:))  Pier1 imports, World Market, Target, JC Penny, Macy’s and many other stores carry these.




A Spa Day: Let her rejuvenate at the spa and feel pampered.  A relaxed and happy mom is going to shower back all the love to her family only :))




A Gift Card: Not a very thoughtful gift but yes if she likes to shop , this could be the best bet for her. Mom can use it as and when she needs to splurge.


For the fitness mom:  There are so many options if mom is a fitness freak. Some of them worth exploring are :

A gym membership, an outdoor bike, a  skipping rope, exercise ball, a yoga mat, Fitbit, a workout bag, heart rate monitor,

work out gear, ear phones, fitness monitors and  health magazine subscription.

A fruit basket: If nothing else works, pack some fruit in a nice basket and a nice hand made card will surely bring sparkle in her eyes. Fruit is always a welcome – any household, any age , it works :))

And if you are still thinking hard about the right gift ( really??) , then just take her out for a lunch or dinner date.

Shopping tips

You can buy baskets, mason jars, some of the craft, mani-pedi supplies and gardening supplies at Dollar stores. This will help you to splurge on the other basket items which will fill the basket and Mom’s heart too.

Mom will surely be delighted to receive these  sweet and sentimental gifts.

Which one of the above gifts are you picking up ?


  1. Love your ideas Monika.
    My favorite one is the cooking basket though.
    I am always looking for new baking or cooking projects and this will be fun.
    Thank you for sharing!
    Richa |

  2. I love the idea of doing a basket. My mom lives on the other side of the country so I could send her a care package instead!

  3. These are some lovely ideas, I would have been happy to receive any of these. Mothers day was last month in the UK though so something to keep in mind for next year

  4. So many lovely ideas to treat those special mothers out there. Great ideas!

  5. Hi Monika,

    Some great list of ideas shared! My favorite is Spa day and I am sure that my mom is going to love this! <3

  6. Thanks for all the gift idea.. Really need it To figure out what to giv to my mum!

  7. I like all your suggestions. My mum would love the gardening basket.

  8. Love all the wonderful gift ideas.Gift a day at spa is a favourite with my mom actually.

  9. Great ideas. Thumbs up to all beautiful moms:)

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