Polka Dots – The Journey So Far.



This one is special and  I have been waiting to share it with my readers.

The day I bought the domain name Polka Dots and Curry, this was the first article I wrote and saved as a draft.

Why waited so long, you may ask? Because I wanted to share it on my blog’s First Monthly birthday.




I’m a proud polka dot lover and I need not explain my love for Polka Dots ( it’s quite obvious ). The fact that  I named my 3rd baby a.k.a my blog as Polka Dots and Curry says it all.

 My gravitation towards polka dots is quite natural.

Polka dots are automatically feminine, fun and versatile which is so me !!

 My personality( if you know me, you know this ) is just as lively and energetic as this playful print. 




Polka Bracelet – my best summer accessory !



In the last one month, I have received huge support from my friends, family and all my readers across the globe. Thank you each one of you and please continue supporting me. I’m really working hard for every single blog I share .

Before I sign off, here are a few of the Polka things I own. I have lots and lots of Polka stuff, but these are used almost on a daily basis.




Polka love in Kitchen !




Few of my Polka scarves – these three are special. I made them all by myself in the summer of 2002.




Bed , Bath N Beyond !!




For the Blogger in me – laptop case and stationery pouch.



What’s new on the blog ?

I’m constantly working hard to make this blog more interesting and informative at the same time.  Here is the list of new projects  coming up next month:

 One Style/Beauty/Healthy  Tip every week

Fitness Food Series

Organic Face/ Hair Packs

Easy Yoga for Beginners

Stick around for more fashion, food , fitness and fun. And please don’t forget to like PDAC on Facebook and subscribe through email.

Rise and Shine !!


  1. All the very best Monika Already looking forward. BTW I need to know how you made those scarves, they are gorgeous

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