Organic Face Packs – Entry Rules

We are doing a DIY Organic Face and Hair Packs Series on this blog.

We would love to have you as a guest  here on this website. But before you send in your entries please take a note of the following rules.

  1. The Face /hair mask recipe should not be a direct copy from some other website ( No Piracy please ). But yes, if you were inspired by someone,  feel free to mention the person. 
  2. The language should be clear and easily understandable.
  3. The recipe must include these:
  • A list of all the Ingredients and if possible their pictures too
  • Your picture with the mask on 
  • An ‘After’ picture after you have washed your hair/ face would be great but not mandatory.
  • Any special ritual you follow while using that mask.
  • Any Do’s and Don’ts to follow with the recipe.

Thank you for taking out the time.

We really look forward to hear from you.

You will hear back from us if your entry is selected with the exact date when it will be published.

If you have any questions, write in the comments below or email your query at :

Rise and Shine !!


  1. No entries accepted after May 15th. It’s closed now.

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