Anti Wrinkle, Anti Blemish Banana Mask

Guest Post By Riya Kalsi


DIY Beauty Mask That Is Borderline Genius!


Beauty Isles are full of beauty products in the market today. They not only make big claims but also tempt us into buying useless products that does nothing for our skin.






Growing up I had a very beautiful glowing complexion and long out of advertisement silky hair – all thanks to my mom. She  always emphasized the benefits of natural kitchen ingredients like yogurt, olive oil, fruit pulps etc. for a naturally beautiful and glowing complexion. During my college days too  I never used any store bought products and was always complemented by relatives and friends on my looks.


This all changed after I got married and moved to USA 9 years back. 9 Years of abuse or should I say harsh beauty products took away all that charm from my face. The long term side effects were acne, dull complexion and aging skin that had no elasticity.


Few months back, I found myself complaining to my mom that my skin is dying on me and I needed her help to restore it back. She assured me that I could have it all back if I could invest just 10 minutes out of my busy schedule twice a week.

Radiant and glowing skin is a must have in every girls closet. All we need to do is go into the little room in our house that we call – Kitchen. I have tons of such DIY easy recipes that I love to use.


One such face pack is banana & yogurt face mask.  It is the best face mask ever!






Let’s take a deeper look at the banana & yogurt face mask benefits:


Nutrient Benefit for skin
Potassium Nourishes hydrates and moisturizes skin leaving it soft and supple.
Lectins Guard against bacteria, thus preventing acne
Vitamin A Fades dark spots and blemishes, reduces appearance of scars, dark circles etc.
Vitamin B Lightens skin tone (i.e. Natural skin whitener), reduces wrinkles and prevents aging.
Zinc Removes sun tan, natural skin brightener as it has mild bleaching powers.
Vitamin E Fights free radical damage, UV resistance, prevents & reduces appearance of wrinkles


Banana yogurt mask makes your skin feel young and lively.


Ingredients used: 1/3 banana, half teaspoon yogurt


Preparation of Banana Yogurt face mask:

Suits all skin types. Oily skin can add a little lemon if preferred.


Take a small bowl. Mash banana with hand or use a spoon. Add yogurt and apply over washed face and neck. Massage the mask in circular motion on your face for 2-3 minutes. This mask is runny so do this in the sink.  Leave it on your face for 5-6 minutes. You can wash this off with cool water when you will start feeling the mask is dried.


This mask will replace all your anti-aging and those heavily perfumed creams.





Cheers to youthful skin!



Hope you all enjoyed reading my guest post.

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And, I sincerely want to thank Monika Celly for this wonderful opportunity!


Riya Kalsi

About The Guest

Riya Kalsi lives in Seattle and handles operations  and employee relations  for a very fun IT company. Her job revolves around keeping the office running smoothly and having fun at the same time. She tries to maintain a  healthy and balanced lifestyle. In her free time she enjoys cooking and spending time with her family over good food and drinks. But in the end, she  just likes to laugh and have fun and be silly :o)

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  1. Gulsheen, I would suggest you do it atleast once a week to see noticeable results. You can bump it up to twice a week once your skin gets used to the mask :). There are no side effects as its all natural! Please do share your experience here after you have tried it.


  2. I will try this over the weekend. How frequently this mask should be applied for effective results?

  3. very nice one will b tryng out

  4. Very helpful tips Riya thank you

  5. I will definitely try this one. It’s a quicky one…good for busy moms. Thanks for sharing

  6. That was awesome & an easy peasy mask. I’m doing it this evening for sure. Thanks Roya for sharing & you look fab

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