The Pajama Mom

Admit it: You’ve gone to the grocery store in your PJ’s.

Ok. Not in those flannel ones, but in sweatpants may be?



 Denim PJ’s , red tank, cross body, scarf to add some bling


PJ’s were once considered socially inappropriate but keeping their popularity and comfort factor in mind, designers world over have come up with such Pajama styles ( thankfully),  one can easily wear them in public .

Although there are no rules to style them, but still you have to keep some points in mind to rock the look without looking clumsy and untidy. Read on …..



With few changes like folding the PJ’s and wearing some jewelry gives a totally different look.


Why do you want to wear pajamas in public?

Because they are super comfy, easy to  accessorize and when done right they look super cool !

And with no zippers or buttons…..pure bliss !



My red tank ( again ! ) goes well with my green paisley PJ’s. Punjabi Jooti adds an interesting angle to this casual look.


What are three style  tips while buying a pajama pant?

Patterned : Florals, paisleys, tribal / animal prints etc .

Fabric : PJ’s come in all fabrics now – denims, silk, crepe, georgette and the likes.

Cute  and Awesome : That’s how they should look in store and when you wear them on.




Black tee and lime green scarf gives a totally new look here.





The above paisley PJ’s in close up. It’s multicolored and so many options for the blouse colors.



Avoid wearing  the following 3 styles  in Public


Flannel Pj’s

Sleep wear Pj’s

Cartoon and other characters ( they are meant for indoor use by  kids and teenagers only )

Wearing those in public is not acceptable, it’s plain juvenile. Period.



I love wearing them while traveling. At San Diego Zoo – 2013


What are the blouse/ top options?

Spaghettis , tanks,  muscle tees look best but if they are not too slouchy then maybe a long kurta shirt too.


Footwear options ?

Strappy sandals, loafers

Punjabi Jooti, Kolhapuris, Wedges ( keep them simple or they will clash with the style and look of pajamas)







Can you wear them at formal or semi formal events?

Never. Whatever style / fabric you pick , always remember they will always be considered casual. 


Where can I go wearing them?

I would wear these at parks, picnics, backyard bbq, grocery shopping, dress shopping ( ease of changing ) , running errands and while traveling.


This picture again from a vacation , I even went hiking in those grey PJ’s.



Where to buy PJ’s from?

  Stores like Macy’s, Old Navy, Marshalls, Target and T.J. Maxx offer a lot of variety.


I love my pajama life. And now that there are ways to look stylish in PJ’s , I often wear them in Spring, Summers and Fall.

I  think they feel so comfy and can look quite stylish when fashioned the right way.


So, what do you think? Would you try wearing PJ’s in public?

Do write in the comments below.

Stay tuned for our next look book.

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Rise and Shine !!


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  3. Monika, well written and nice idea. Will try it on

  4. Awesome write up. I love my pjs too & now adore them after reading this. Thanks for the look books Monika, I too have been wearing my pjs for grocery trips & glad I didn’t go wrong. Love the post. Keep them coming

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