The Grocery Mama !



For most of us, real life is not  a series of events calling for cocktail dresses, power suits, or ‘day-to-night’ outfits. The average day is generally  a medley of  running errands, ferrying children to and fro, cooking meals, doing the dishes and tidying up!  Yes, I’m talking about  SAHM ( Stay at home moms) and I’m sure, like me, you are enjoying your job too.


Whether you are at farmer’s market or running errands , your clothes are still speaking a lot about you. And you never know who you are going to run into in these in-between-places  —  may be your future boss, your future best friend or your current enemy !!

You can dress relaxed and comfortable, but still look stylish running errands, but it takes some strategy.




A light knit top + Jeggings + Crossbody




First,  you need to know your priorities – practical, style, flexibility, a combination?

Secondly,  have your “going to the grocery store” outfit all ready and hanging in the closet, otherwise you will end up wearing any old thing.


A few pointers for this throw-on-and-go outfit are :

comfortable bottoms – stretch jeans, leggings, capris, boy friend jeans, maxi skirt

coordinating tees/ tank tops/ shirts

or a casual knit dress/ maxi dress

sweater or jacket (make sure these cover your bottom if you wear leggings)

comfortable shoes or flat boots ( ballet flats, fashion sneakers, loafers)

a great bag

if you’re having a bad hair day, then you will need a cute cap

Pastel  colors are always a good choice for a casual, classy look.




I wear these black loafers most of the time – comfortable and goes with most of my casual outfits




You may not need more than one grocery outfit per season, since you rarely run into the same person when you’re out.

However, you may want to have a 2 or 3 slightly different versions of your shopping outfit in case you are a more frequent shopper. In that case you may want to have a basic piece ( usually bottoms ) and couple of flexible pieces

Grey Denims – basic piece, paired with two different tops.

See pictures below.




Tank top + Jeans + Cross body




And yes, you can easily wear these outfits to transport your kids around the town and while you are running errands.




Layer your tank with any shirt or light jacket in case weather gets chilly.




I have reserved all the above outfits for groceries and anytime I have to go, I  exactly know what I will be wearing. And that small brown fringy bag is reserved for groceries too. It holds my wallet and cell phone nicely.

If you have noticed it’s more of a spring time Grocery Mama !

I will come back with a Summer time look for Grocery Mama soon 🙂





Tinted Lip balm + kajal / kohl  + moisturizer + Body Mist is all that I need when I’m heading out for groceries.





How much chemicals  (oops !!  ) make- up  you want to put on your face is entirely your choice. In my case it’s bare minimum only.

Please feel free to try these looks with different footwear. I wore black loafers as my feet likes them a lot !!


Dress up and turn an otherwise drab, fruitless day into a cheerful one.

And it does not hurt to add a little lipstick before we head out the door !!


Stay tuned for our next look book.

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Rise and Shine !!


  1. Thanks Ashima. That saves me a lot of time.
    Loveleen, thanks girl ! And definitely dressing up a lil bit for such tasks adds some fun to these otherwise boring activities.

  2. Completely agree, I don’t like to step out-groceries/workout without some style. It just adds to the motivation and even keep the mundane tasks entertaining ! You got great style BTW !
    P.S. I love loafers, and flats-so handy, comfortable and could be stylish 🙂

  3. I like the idea of keeping few outfits exclusively for grocery. Great tips !!

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