How To Reuse Old Greeting Cards


Here’s is a quick tutorial on how to use those cute greeting cards you have received from family and friends over last few months/ years.

I have been re-cycling old greeting cards for quite sometime now and it gives me great satisfaction to recycle paper in a meaningful way. 

Talk of preserving environment !!

You will need : Card stock, Old greeting cards, Glue, Scissors, Washi tape/ Lace



Take an old card and cut the best part out of it.


You will need card stock or any thick paper to make new card.

Recycling an old card

Cut a new card from the card stock. Use washi tape / lace to give a nice border on the new card. Here, I have used washi tape.


Paste the old card on the new card and you have a brand new card ready !!

P1080978Make sure you buy envelopes first and then cut the new card so that it fits in nicely .




Here’s one more to give you some idea. I used buttons here to make it a bit fancy.




How do you use old cards? Please share in the comments below. 

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                      Rise and Shine !


  1. Im surely gonna try this. Have lots of old greeting cards.

  2. Very useful, great best out of waste craft.

  3. Nice & creative

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