Top 10 Fashion Faux Pas to Avoid

 Fashion Etiquette – Part 3

There is nothing that can spoil your look more than a conspicuous fashion mistake. Here’s a list of top ten fashion mistakes you may have noticed on other people, but you haven’t done them yourself. Right ?  Think again. These blunders are more common than you think and many of these can be applied to men as well as women.





Wrinkled Clothing – That sexy outfit won’t flatter you unless it’s wrinkle free.

Dressing too trendy – Don’t end up looking silly by satisfying all trends in one day.

Mixing two seasons in one outfit – Your pieces will contradict each other, so stick to one season only.

Visible bra and panty lines – Wear proper fitting undergarments. If they still show up underneath your clothing, your clothes are too tight.

Exposed Undergarments – Have you ever noticed a lady wearing a deep neckline ( especially Indian saree blouses ) ? The whole look is spoiled just because of those bra straps hanging out . Eeeeew !  That’s cheap. Avoid that . Ditto for visible panties under those low rise jeans. 

Too many colors – You will look undecided. Stick with 1-3 colors.

Open toe shoes with rugged toe nails – Go for a pedicure and paint your toenails before you expose your feet.

Your clothes don’t fit properly –  Baggy, loose clothes add pounds, too small clothes will accentuate those bulges. Don’t buy anything you will wear when you lose weight. Look good now.

 Matching shoes and purse: It was quite a trend few decades ago. Not anymore.

Wrong accessories:  Accessories should make your look, not break it apart. So chose them carefully.


The most important one ( it’s a bonus point ) ——

Active sweat glands: If you know they work overtime for you, please keep a deodorant handy. Don’t punish others !  




Did I forget to mention any Fashion Faux Pas? Please let me know in the comments below.

And remember that making some fashion mistakes while you are trying some new trend is not a fashion faux pas. Fashion is all about experimenting – you have to try new things and take few risks here and there. Don’t stop doing that but definitely avoid above mentioned 10 blunders.



This post marks the end of my informational series on Fashion Etiquette.

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Now that we know some tips to create our own style, let’s try to assemble some inspiring outfits every now and then.

Stay tuned for practical LookBooks in the coming posts.


Rise and Shine !!




  1. wow such a thoughtful post Monika! Loved it!

  2. Looking forward to Practical Look Books

  3. Quite informative. First time here. Great blog

  4. Dear anonymous, thanks for sharing your thoughts. Socks are definitely a big No-No with open toed footwear.

  5. Love reading it,totally agree that wearing printed top and printed bottom is a big no no…..
    Another thing that is a total killer is wearing socks with high heel stiletto or pumps (Oh ya I am seeing that a lot in east coast) if still feeling cold stick to long boots!!!!!!

  6. Gauri, I totally agree with you. Matching two different prints is tricky, Better to know the rules and then experiment !! Thanks for sharing your thoughts 🙂

  7. I would say the one thing to avoid is wearing a printed bottom AND a printed top TOGETHER! One of them has to be plain or atleast subtle. The checks with the polka dots may look adorable on babies, not on grown ups.

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