How to Dry Roast Jeera/ Cumin Seeds


Having roasted cumin seeds handy in your kitchen is a wise thing to do. You can use them in different dishes to enhance their flavor.

Sprinkle these brown seeds over salads, soups, raitas ( Spiced Yogurts), sandwiches to enhance the flavor of those dishes.

Heat a small pan. When its really hot, throw in cumin seeds and dry roast them for about two minutes on medium high flame, stirring frequently to avoid over roasting.






Note the difference between Roasted ( left) Cumin seeds and Non Roasted (Right)



You know they are done when they change color and also by the pleasing aroma of the roasted seeds.

Let the roasted seeds cool down.

Store them in airtight container.

Or grind them to a fine powder and then store.


Recipes using roasted cumin seeds:

A few of them from this website:

Avocado Raita

Aloo Raita

Tofu Medley

Tofu Salad





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