Style Manifesto

 Fashion Etiquette – Part 2

Between your dream wardrobe and you , there comes at least a dozen of things – kids, jobs, no time for self, no time to think , less time /money to shop, worry about your body shape – just  to name a few.

Each one is challenging enough, and if you combine all of them, you have the perfect recipe for a-not-so-stylish-life.

But things can be changed if you are willing to.


  How about having a Style Manifesto for yourself?

Never heard of it?

It’s alright. Let me explain. I’m a firm believer of putting things on paper, more so if they are close to my heart or otherwise important.

A manifesto is a declaration of one’s beliefs, opinions, motives and intentions. It is something  that a person or an organization puts on a piece of paper and declares what is important to them.


3 good reasons to have a Style Manifesto


Style manifesto can be a fun way to write down what is important for you when it comes to defining your style.

By having a written document, you can evaluate the gap between your style principles and current reality.

It will be a constant source of inspiration to you. You can read it everyday or every time you have to go out, just hang it somewhere near your closet.

Here I’m sharing my own Style Manifesto. My  manifesto  represents the core beliefs that help me get my style on for most part of the week. I hope it helps you too.


Style Manifesto For The Fashion Conscious !


♥Love your  imperfections. They  make the real  you.♥

♥Don’t wish to be someone else.♥

♥Know your body type.  Know what looks good on you.♥

Know the rules so that you know how to break them.

♥Be original.  Be sexy. Be open to new ideas.♥

♥Build your wardrobe on basics, add seasonal glitz.♥

♥Try something new every season.♥

♥Wear at least one accessory daily.♥

♥Dress for yourself.♥

♥Don’t limit yourself to labels.♥

♥Inject some color into your wardrobe, no matter what season you are in.♥

♥Jeans are not the ONLY trousers available. Know when NOT to wear them!♥

♥Your feet can look great in flats. Don’t wear heels just because everyone else wears them.♥



Now tell me …

Which of the mantras in the Style Manifesto most resonates with you?

Stay Stylish !

Style Manifesto

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  1. Thats so true☺ don t limit urself to brands…i strongly agree

  2. My comment is shown in complete. .anyway i will repost ….Jeans r not the only trousers

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  4. Mala, i know this may not go down easily for many pple.

  5. Jeans are not the only trousers

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