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 Fashion Etiquette – Part 1




Are you one of those women who believe that a trip to mall is inevitable before a party?
Do you need to buy a new dress every single time you get invited to an event ?
Do do have an urge to buy latest trends ?

If yes, then I have some good and bad news for you.

First, the good news – this post is for you. So go on and read it.

The bad news – admit that you are fashionable but somewhere lack the sense of style. Or probably, you don’t have any style of your own. That explains your shopping spree before any major event. You don’t have the ability to mix and match your clothes, hence you rely on new stuff every single time.

Unless you are a celebrity or you have a high profile job, that trip is not always called for.




I have chosen this as one of my pioneer posts on DIY Style . Before I share more tips on style and fashion, let’s get this straight first.
Because Style and Fashion are often  misunderstood and confused with each other.
This lack of understanding can make even the most fashion conscious lady prone to committing some serious fashion blunders.

Read on to know where you stand.





The Three Most Common Fashion Blunders :

Some women don’t wear age appropriate clothes and no matter what they wear, they become a subject of mockery.
Then there are some who are so busy following the latest trends, they end up looking like a mannequin covered with ‘stylish’ clothes ( They actually look  like fools, a distant reality from being Stylish ! ).
Either wearing loose fit or very tight fit clothes.

In a nutshell, some of us dress in such a way that reflects a total lack of sense of style.






Own Your Sense Of Style:

To be a style diva , you don’t have to follow fashion trends. They will come and go. Instead, develop and embrace your own unique sense of style. Some develop it early and some start late. And it’s ok. You just need to have the confidence and a passion to express yourself and create a more stylish life.!


All the style experts believe that a graceful lady is one who :


Embraces her own unique sense of style
Dresses for her age
Dresses as per the occasion ( She knows exactly what to wear , when to wear and how to wear a particular outfit ).
Is willing to express herself and say who she really is ( keeping the above points in mind) .



This leads us to the most important part of this post.

Difference between style and fashion:

Wearing high end brands has not much to do with style sense. That means you are fashionable and like to follow the latest fashion trends.

What we wear, how we carry ourselves, our likes , dislikes – all these contribute to our personal style. You can buy fashionable clothes but style is something which comes from within.

Let’s have a better understanding of the terms Fashion and Style.




Here are few pointers :

Fashion is extrinsic, style is intrinsic.
Fashion is what is trendy at the moment, style comes from your heart , your soul, your essential self ; hence style is rarely artificial.

Style tends to accumulate from your experiences, memories and senses. Style is an attitude. When you select few pieces and put them together to express your unique character, you are also expressing your sense of style .

Fashion is what the designers and stores are trying to sell but real style is deciding on a wardrobe and accessories with conscious intention to represent your inner essence.


Choosing style over drama is an expression of self respect and honor. Putting together a lovely outfit also shows you care about the person you will be with. You are not trying to impress. Impressing is shallow and superficial. Honoring someone is deep and soulful.

Anyone can be a style diva. You don’t need a lot of money. All you need is information. Your personal style will evolve as you learn and grow. Nourish it, encourage it and enhance it. Be selective and sensitive. And remember :




Drop me a line or two if this post helped you in some way.

I’m already working on my next post.

Keep it stylish and come back soon.



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