Bunny Bookmarks




These cute  little bookmarks are made in minutes and you probably already have all the supplies. These bookmarks are super easy to make and a perfect trash to treasure craft project to do with children during the spring break.

You will need


An envelope.  I used one that came in mail that would have otherwise ended up in my recycle bin.  Recycling at its best !


Black marker


Googly eyes (or you can draw the eyes on)

card stock – white and pink ( optional)

pink marker ( if not using pink card stock)




Cut  the corner off of your envelope.  You want to use one of the bottom corners, so it is sealed on both sides.  Cut to the middle, and leave a small rectangle, then cut off the other side.  This will be the bunny’s teeth so don’t cut them off. Once your envelope is cut, you can cut off the back flap of the teeth section.


To make ears, you have two options:

Using your envelope cut out some ears.  In that case  use  the edge of the envelope so that you have two layers for added stability. Or you can use a card stock which is already thick and cut out the ears.  I have used the card stock here.  Glue these on to the back of the book mark.



Taking a small scrap of pink cardstock, or using the envelope/ white card stock  and coloring it pink, cut a small diamond / circle for the nose and 2 small ears .  Make them smaller then the white ears.  Glue them on.



Lastly, using a  black marker, make a line down the middle of the teeth, draw eyes  and add whiskers.  If you are using googly eyes, paste them on.


 This would be a fun surprise with a new book in your child’s library.


Happy Crafting !!


  1. It looks so cute! Thanks for sharing the DIY with us.

  2. Super cute! Totally going to try this.

  3. What an adorable way to make a fun bookmaker. What I love best is that every time I open a book with one of these, it would put a smile on my face.

  4. This looks like such a cute craft!

  5. That bookmarks look really cute. Thank you for sharing the idea.

  6. Oh, those are super cute! A perfect Spring break craft for the kids!

  7. Would love to see that !!

  8. So gonna try this

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